Final Chapter Rule of 3: Fire In The Sky

Come with me as we visit the town of Renaissance one last time.  This is the closing chapter of the Rule of 3.

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Word Count:  593
Prompts Used:   
Relationships mend/are torn asunder.
The final event becomes a secret for generations to come.

Fire In The Sky
Brigit took her frustration out on the F-150’s gas pedal.  “What were you thinking?”  The truck fishtailed  down the Targe highway heading toward the Schiavona Desert.
As the truck bounced over potholes, Raker shouted above the roar of the engine.  “You really have to ask?”
“She’s only sixteen, Raker.”  Brigit spun the wheel, tires screeching as she took a dirt road leading into the bush.  “And Albert George’s niece.  Nice choice.”
Silence greeted that news, and Brigit glanced over at her charge.  The desolation on his face drew her back a hundred years to his last attempt to reproduce.  She glanced in the rear-view mirror, remembering the destruction his fires wrought on Renaissance that day.  The small town never had fully recovered and, from the look of things, neither had Raker.
She stopped at the top of a hill, the truck facing back toward town.  Below, dust billowed into a cloud behind two trucks and four motorcycles.  The Sons of George wasted no time in pursuit.
Raker scrubbed at his face and groaned.  “I don’t know why I smelled her so early.  I knew the moment I saw her, but,”  he flashed a sardonic grin toward Brigit, “I couldn’t resist.”
The dust cloud drew closer.
Fear and compassion sent bitter adrenaline into Brigit’s soul.  “Get out. Change.  I’ll distract them and seek you later.”
“No.”  He pounded a fist on the dashboard.  “I’ll protect you.”
“Fool.”  She rounded on him.  “You die, I die.  Get out.”

Albert scanned the horizon for a sight he’d hoped never to witness in his lifetime.  His Harley ate up the road, faster than the horses his predecessors rode to chase dragons, but it still wasn’t fast enough.  His niece.  They suspected, no, counted on her ancestry, but the accuracy of his sister’s research still tasted bitter on his tongue.
“There.”  The shout came from his cousin, Edwin.
A great shadow rose above the horizon, wings flapping in large cumbersome arcs as the purple dragon ascended into the sky.
Albert stared, his hand letting up on the throttle.  Around him, the others slowed, too, awe and fear flashing in their faces.  That thing.  That dragon wheeled in the sky and turned toward them.  The shadow plunged from above, the sound a screech like the wind whistling through the tunnels during a sandstorm.   The great body blocked out the sun, casting a cool shadow for a moment.
Albert’s mind snapped back into awareness.  The cool shadow lulled prey until it was too late.  “Duck.” 
The dragon’s maw released a blast of fire as the men dove for the ground.  The trucks burst into flame as the beast wheeled around for another attack.
Albert scrambled for his crossbow, sighting for the dragon’s heart.  His brother, Robert, stepped up beside him, crossbow ready.  The dragon swooped down, and they both released.  One bolt bounced off of the hard scales.  One embedded in the dragon’s wing.  An ungodly screech shattered their ears.
Albert and Robert jumped on their bikes and raced after the fleeing dragon.  Behind them, a concussive explosion told Albert what he had already accepted. The trucks, and the brothers inside, were gone.
When Albert crested the hill, the dragon had disappeared.  In the distance, dust trailed the woman’s truck.  Albert gunned his engine, but the truck and dragon were too far away.

Jade rushed out of the gas station as the building shook with thunder.  She flung a pack over her shoulder and started hiking. Folk said the Roundeli Mountains were hundreds of miles away. Far wasn't far enough.

Ok, Ok, before you kill me for not resolving this, please understand I never planned to.  This is back-story for my current project.  So, someday, you might meet Raker, Brigit, Jade, and Albert again.  Until then, time must pass for them and for us.


Rick G said…
Ok, forgiven. :)

It's a cool concept. I'd definitely like to see more of it. It has a very Supernatural-ish (the show) spin to it.
Anonymous said…
No apologies necessary. I thought it wrapped up this part nicely, while still leaving the story open for more. And in a nice way.
David P. King said…
What an action packed scene. If this is backstory for what you're working on, I won't hold it against you. This whole things reminds me of Reign of Fire, and little. Nice work! :)
Deniz Bevan said…
Oh, that's exciting - I wouldn't mind seeing these guys again someday!
Misha Gerrick said…
Cool ending. Poor Raker. I can't wait to see them again. :-)
J.C. Martin said…
And...The End! What a journey it has been! And now begins the hardest part: the judging!
Nadja Notariani said…
Congrats on making the long list! Your story was so enjoyable, I'm not surprised at all! Have a great weekend!

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