First Installment in the Rule of 3 Blogfest: The Return of Raker

Welcome to my first installment in The Rule of 3 Blogfest .  This week's story line responds to the following writing prompt:
There is an argument
I hope you enjoy it.  You can view a trailer about the fictional town of Renaissance here .
The Return of Raker
Raker lumbered through the meandering passages of the Kastanes, staying clear of Heriot’s Pass.  Even in dragon form, he knew to avoid the hangout of the rebellious youth from the village of Renaissance.
Smoke curled from his large nostrils as he snorted over his old world language. Village.  Of course, Renaissance deserved the label, but no matter how hard he tried, he spoke in those ancient words while in dragon form.  His purple scales scraped along the tight walls, and the great beast paused to rub back and forth along an outcropping, a low rumble of pleasure rolling up his throat.
He paused mid-scratch, lifting his snout.  The scent of lilies tickled his nose. With a thunderous bellow, he rushed forward.  “How did you find me, woman?”
Brigit sat on a stone, her bright peasant skirt dipping into the dragon’s accumulated treasures.  She regarded him with a cool, blue-green stare, her red hair floating around her face in a fiery haze.  “Greetings, Raker.”
Scaly tail slamming against the far wall, Raker edged closer, towering over the woman.  “Why are you here?”
“Honestly, Raker,” Brigit said in her no-nonsense voice.  “It wasn’t that hard.”  She stood, her tone shifting to a sharp reprimand. “Why are you here?  The Sons of George don’t forget.  No matter how many years it’s been.”
The Sons of George.  He’d managed to evade them.  The dim-witted traders.  He hadn’t expected their return to Renaissance, too.
The slap came as a shock, and he rounded on her, mouth open, fire building in his belly.
“Don’t you dare!” Brigit wagged a finger in his face.  “You will not toast me, today.  Now change.  I can’t talk to you like this.”
He hunched his shoulders but instead rushed toward the abandoned mine shaft at the other end of the chamber.  Wings folded, he plummeted downward, but as he soared toward the floor, a sudden weight hit his back.  Pain blasted across his shoulders as Brigit’s sharp nails found the spot between his neck scales and dug in.
The pair landed with a thud at the bottom of the shaft.
Unable to resist her pin-pointed attack on his neck, Raker hunched over.  Purple scales melted and fused into smooth golden skin.  His body folded in on itself.  After a few agonizing moments, Raker stood naked before her.  A man.
“Why Renaissance?” Brigit advanced on him.  “Have you found one?”
 “The ancestors lived here.” He rubbed his neck.  “I smell her.”
Brigit tilted her head to the left, but then shook it from side to side. “We’ll look elsewhere.”
Fists clinched, Raker bunched his shoulders and took a menacing step toward Brigit.  He knew his man-form displayed great power and size.  “She’s here.”
She raised an eyebrow.  “It’s too risky.”
He unleashed the dragon, heat filling the shaft and revealing a myriad of passages.  Skin rippled as scales reclaimed their place amid the swirling scent of ash.  The dragon soared upward.
 “Raker!” Brigit’s screech echoed from the bottom of the shaft.


What is Raker up to? And how will Brigit help him, or save him, or...well, I'll stay tuned. Good writing. Your style fits the genre. Good luck.
Unknown said…
Exciting opening! I wonder who he is looking for and why Brigit is being aloof about it! Raker sounds delicious!
J.C. Martin said…
This is a note to say that I’ve been by to read your entry. As one of the judges, I don’t want to make any specific comments that could betray my judgement — keeps you guys in suspense for longer! :) Suffice it to say that I’m truly enjoying all the different and creative takes on Renaissance and the Rule of 3!

Kurt Hartwig said…
Oh, did he leave her at the bottom of a hole? Whoops!
Yep, that's one way to get rid of a nagging woman.
Unknown said…
Interesting. Look forward to what happens to Raker and Brigit.
Very interesting! I'm wondering what's going to happen. :)
Unknown said…
You have built a wonderful sense of tension in this.
Thanks Reka, I hoped to do so.

Bethany, I'm wondering, too. I have a plan, but a lot depends on the new prompts that come out tomorrow.

Thanks for reading everyone!
May-Day_Aura said…
Great start. I like the tension between the characters and the mystery of the other girl. Plus a purple dragon is always cool! =)
Great start to a promising story! I look forward to reading more next week!
Anonymous said…
A shapechanging dragon and a handsome one at that, as I read it. I really like it and I can't wait to read the next part to find out more!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Barbara!

A shapechanging dragon? I love it!

Thanks for coming to Renaissance with us.
Li said…
Nice first entry. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!
Stuart Nager said…
Dragons..why does it always have to be...jk....I love dragons, and glad to see fantasy elements here.

Looking forward to more.

Thanks for helping in the world building.

Tale Spinning
Anonymous said…
I am very curious to who is this "her", and Raker sounds like one of those charming jerks you could like :)
Stuart, yep, dragons...but it's the first time I've ever used a dragon in one of my stories. I get points for that, right?

Melch, ya gotta love Raker...don't want him to be a jerk, although he's letting his jerk show right now. We'll just have to see if he keeps it up. ;)
Stuart Nager said…
well, in my personal book: yes, Dragons score. If you saw my bedroom, you'd understand.

As an adjudicator, nope. I take the fifth...hic
Heehee! I'm guessing dragons for you are like giraffes for me.
Stuart Nager said…
shhh...Iggy lives just above the computer, and if he could read, he'd be licking his chops at the thought of a tasty Giraffe.
Colleen said…
Oooh, a sexy shapechanging dragon! Great writing. Lots of intrigue.
Wow. Great beginning. I do like Raker.
Bad Iggy! Giraffes are sacred.
Nadja Notariani said…
This is fabulous, Barbara! I just love Raker & Brigit. Great use of language in your story. I was drawn in from the start. ~ Nadja
Thanks Nadja and Kwee! I kind of like Raker a lot, too. Brigit is going to be fun to work with, too.
Anonymous said…
I really like both characters. Sassy, both of em! Love your use of color too. ~)
Golden Eagle said…
I love shapeshifters. Great start to the story! :)
Unknown said…
Brigit is quite a woman, talking to a dragon like that. Or is she a dragon herself? I wonder what they're looking for, and looking forward to finding out :D
Jennifer said…
A lot of mystery to this one.
Nicely done! To be left at the bottom of the shaft... good cliffhanger... so to speak.
Carole, you're so funny!
Anonymous said…
Shapeshifting dragon?! Most excellent. Can't wait to see who he's after.

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