Getting Started With This Blog Thing

Procrastination is the name of the game.  At least when it comes to starting my blog, it seems.  I've thought about, and "mind-written," several first entries to my blog, but it's taken me months to actually get down to the actual act of blogging.

That's a funny term isn't it?  Blogging. The first time I heard about blogs was in 2004 during a class in graduate school.  The class examined the remediation (changing the form of media) of communication venues--in other words, books redone as movies redone on DVD's, etc.  All forms of communication have followed some path of remediation, and blogs were one of the latest forms at the time.  Or so my professor said. 

I haven't researched the history of blogs, but I do recall wondering what in the world a blog was.  The answer I received in 2004 was that it was like a diary that you kept on the internet.  Well, that made absolutely no sense to me.  Diaries are all about privacy, right?  So why would you post your diary on the internet for all of the world to read?

If I was asked today, I'd tell someone that a blog is an online version of a person's special interest column in a magazine or newspaper.  At least that definition is easier for me to follow.

What about you?  When did you first learn about blogs?  Do you have one?  Why or why not?

In the future, I'll be blogging about a series of different topics.  I chose An Eclectic Muse for my blog title because I didn't want to limit myself to just one topic.  So, you might read about a book I'm reading, a writing issue I'm facing, a health solution I'm trying, a vacation I took, an employee development topic, my church, family, or just about anything else.  I hope you stick around and discover the wide world of my interests and expand yours, too.


Good start, Barbara! Can't wait to see your first topic.
Dana said…
Yes, good for you! I have been resisting the whole blog thing, but now that I have posted a few comments, I see it is a bit of a thrill. There they are: your very own words for all to see and you can come back and.... there they still are. It is almost like being published!
Ginny said…
Barbara, I manage our SCWW chapter blog and have enjoyed the process very much. I have considered starting a blog on the topic of living with long-term chronic illness and infirmity. But how boring is that?!

I don't like to think about my circumstance; I can't stand the thought of someone pitying me; and I don't want to open a forum for complainers. I think it's a good topic that could be useful to some, but I'm not the one to foster it, and a blog does need to be nurtured.

Good luck with yours.
Ginny Padgett
Valerie Norris said…
Yay! You caved!

I don't remember when I first learned about blogs. Wasn't planning to join in the fun because I didn't think I had time/that much to say unless it was fiction. Then Queryshark Janet Reid (much loved, revered and feared literary agent) said I had to blog. Well, not me personally. We don't have that close of a relationship--yet. She told an entire class of folks at a writer's conference. Ever dutiful, I began my blog.

Glad you've joined in!
Henry said…
I so hate it when friends raise the bar. I’m guilty of the “mind writing” – no comments anyone about being famous in my own mind either.

I heard about blogs several years ago. I like your personal definitions, Your own special interest column. I’ve learned a lot of good information from blogs, I’ve been amused by blogs, and now I’m being shamed into getting off the couch and working on a blog for myself.

The funny part, is I’ll bet you blogging is FUN!. As writers we sometimes stop to say “Writing is HARD! – Don’t do it.” But what about a free spirited experimental venue.

I doubt Barbara will “rant regularly”, I’m pretty sure she’ll continue to move the bar upward and teach her hordes of followers.

Phil Arnold said…
This is very cool. Plese keep me on your regular e-mail prompt about new posts.

Congratulations on cramming in so many words in your sub-title. Nothing wrong with giving Google a little help with Search Engine Optimization. Later on you might want to slim it down to one of the points.

I'm happy you are writing a blog. I will look forward to reading it.

Original Elvis Blogmeister: ElvisBlog
Thanks Phil! So is there a standard for blog titles? I'm working in the dark here and will probably need to pick your brain for some tips and tricks.
Susan M. Boyer said…
I think blogging is like therapy for me. It gets some of the voices in my head out. Great start!

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