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Story Updates and The World of A Digital Artist

Before we get to the main event, my interview with artist, Julie Dillon, I have some news to share with you.  My short story, "Lifesource," is now available in the latest issue of Stupefying Stories !  Dubbed by the editor, Bruce Bethke, as the " Weirder Homes & Gardens" edition, it features twelve stories "of the fantastic, funny, and frightening things that can happen in that most mundane of places: the home, with attached garden." You can download this edition to your e-reader for just 1.99.  Don't have an e-reader?  That's OK.  Amazon offers a free Kindle for PC download here . Now on to an interview I'm very excited about.  Last month, I met a digital artist whose wondrous colors transformed her creativity into awe-inspiring images.  Julie Dillon’s artwork drew me in starting with the name badge at ArmadilloCon (see the photo of the image on my name badge below, reprinted with permission).  When I discovered he

Lessons Learned At A Writers' Convention

Friday Night Mixer ArmadilloCon34 What does an armadillo have to do with writing?  Well that depends on who you ask.  Any good writer can find some way to relate the armadillo to the act of writing.  For example, the tough outer shell represents the writer's ability to keep producing and submitting their work in the face of rejection after rejection. I attended ArmadilloCon 34 in Austin, Texas last month.  This small SciFi/Fan/Horror convention offered a writing workshop on the first day, and for the price of $75, I could attend the workshop, have my work critiqued by several members of the writing faculty, and attend the following two days of the convention.  Since most writers' conferences cost over $500, this was a fantastic deal.  Add to that the SciFi/Fan focus, and I couldn't wait. The 20+ members of the workshop faculty spent the first hour providing advice and answering questions.  From this, I gathered several good quotes.  Many of the faculty's name t