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On the Conference Road Again

Conference season is underway, and I've seen lots of social media posts from my author friends about the science fiction/fantasy (sff) cons they've already attended. I wish I could attend all of the cons in my part of the world, but cons can get expensive. Never fear, my appearance schedule is ramping up this spring. Where can you find me? Read on! My Conference Schedule Women in Publishing Summit , Virtual, March 1-4 This virtual writing conference brings writers, authors, editors, publishers, PR specialists, podcasters, etc together for a lot of incredible workshops aimed at developing your publishing career. It's a great networking opportunity. I attended last year as a participant and made some rewarding connections, so I will be attending as a participant this year, too. (I didn't get around to applying as a presenter for this one, but I'm still going!) JordanCon , Atlanta, April 21-23 This sff con focuses primarily on all things Wheel of Time and Robert Jordan

What's Inside PIECES OF HER

 Have you checked out my latest book, Pieces of Her ?  If you've been waiting to get it, today you can catch a video of me talking about the book and the short stories within this book. The ebook is available NOW on Amazon  for just 2.99! You can watch the video here: Near the end of this short video, I mention a contest for my newsletter subscribers. If you subscribe by Januaray 27, 2023, 11:59 pm EST then you will not only receive the introductory email with a free short story, but you will ALSO receive the January newsletter another story freebie AND details about a current contest (deadline to enter contest is Jan. 31, 2023). Don't miss out! Subscribe now!

Looking Back on 2022 and Forward to 2023

  Looking Back on 2022 What a year! We started the year with my husband needing surgery. Unfortunately, Covid hit me, my husband, and one of the grands who lives with us, delaying his surgery. That was rough, but we got through it. He finally got his surgery in late February. Thank goodness all went well. Not long after that, con season started in earnest. It was a whirlwind of cons starting with JordanCon in April and ending with CONjuration in November. In between, we traveled to LA for my daugher's wedding. For some reason, my body decided to bookend the year with another bout of Covid in November, then a virus that became a sinus infection. A little note many of you don't know: I'm allergic and/or intolerant to all but one antibiotic. That antibiotic 1) is not the best for a sinus infection, 2) really wasn't touching this sinus infection. Ultimately, I spent most of November and all of December fighting the sinus infection. In frustration, I gave in and attempted an