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Watcher Wednesday: First Watcher Encounter

Today is Watcher Wednesday, so I thought I'd share a snippet of the first time Micah and Donel encounter the Watchers. Readers of the story already know these two men came from the north on a journey and never left. Here's their first encounter with anyone living in the four kingdoms. Olaf the Memory Keeper tells this story after Adana begs him to during a picnic in Elwar. Here's a short section of that story. A few days later, Micah and Donel reached the cave. “The trapper cautioned us to stop here for the night,” Micah said, calling Donel back to the cave. Donel stared into the valley below. “It’s only mid-day. And look, it’s downhill from here. He probably expected us to reach this cave during a rainstorm.” The man had a point. For the first time in four days, the sun shone on them, and only a few distant clouds gathered on the horizon. Micah’s clothes felt almost dry, so he agreed and followed Donel down the path. The error of their decision became clear soon. T

Help! I Need A Book to Read

I've been reading a lot of books lately, many of them on audio since I seem to be always on the go. For some reason, I've hit a dry spell where nothing really jumps out at me. I'm still reading, but I want a book to enthrall me. Not sure why this is happening, but usually when it does, I need to step away from my preferred genre of fantasy for a short while. Read something else. Summer break is just around the corner, so maybe I need to pick up some beach reads. Of course, for me beach read doesn't always mean light and easy. A few years ago, I read the life of Mary Queen of Scots while on vacation. See? I still like to engage my brain while being entertained. The same goes for movies. We took the grands to see the latest Fantastic Beasts movie. I hoped for something amazing and enthralling, but this one falls short. I've felt that about the previous movies in this series, too, but this one is definitely the least entertaining. The story line just doesn't gel. W

Gifts for My Readers

Last week at JordanCon I gave people who bought my books a copy of the crossword puzzle for The Watchers of Moniah . I have puzzles for all three books, but, in order to keep costs down, I didn't print those to hand out. They are available on posts on this blog, but I thought I'd provide quick access to them and a few more fun activities I've created around The Watchers of Moniah trilogy. Hope you enjoy them! Crossword Puzzles Do You Know Your Watchers? Do You Know Your Watchers in Exile? Do You Know Your Watchers at War? Other Fun Activities You Might Be a Watcher If ... Can You Name That Watcher? If you enjoy these kinds of activities, I'd love to know what you'd like to see next. I enjoy creating them.