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The Value of a Writing Critique Group

As the leader of the local South Carolina Writers’ Workshop (SCWW) chapter, I receive inquiries about our organization almost every week.  For those who do decide to visit and join our group, I know they have made a great decision.  Why? Our chapter offers a lot to any writer, whether beginner or advanced.  Not only do we assist each other with writing improvement, but we do it with respect. We have a lot to offer with a mix of experience, from newbies to published authors, and a wide age range, from members in their early twenties to members in their seventies.  When a writer in our group succeeds, we come together to support and celebrate with them. The karaoke parties\celebrations are the craziest, but we have fun. Many of our writers joined our chapter without any publications to their names, often in the early stages of learning how to write.  It's exciting to see each one succeed, and many of the members of our group, including myself, have won awards and pu

Reflections on 2014

© Barbara V. Evers, All rights reserved. We're almost one week into the year 2015, and like so many of you, I've been reflecting on 2014. Many of you, know me in only one of my areas of business:  training, speaking, or  writing, so I wanted to share with you what else I've been up to over the past year. If I'm not conducting a workshop, I'm either writing, blogging, or developing speaking or training materials. First of all, I met several wonderful people through speaking engagements this year. I spoke to a wide variety of groups including professional organizations, writing groups, and women's church retreats. My husband and I celebrated our 20th anniversary in Maui this year.  We scheduled our trip one day later than originally planned, so I could accommodate a speaking engagement.  We had a lovely time, and we both needed the break!  Just check out the lovely sunset from our first night in Maui. Gorgeous. Of course, I conducted many training works