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How We React Under Stress: MBTI Stress Heads

I shared the MBTI Type Heads in my last post. The type heads gave you typical words to describe each of the sixteen MBTI types. As promised, you will find the MBTI Stress Heads in this post.  These diagrams help us understand the sixteen different types and what causes them to experience stress. How can you use this information? Stress Head images provided under a non-sublicensable license. All Print & Share Rights Reserved by CPP .

MBTI: Understanding Our Actions

Photo by Craig Faris A few weeks ago, I presented a workshop on character development using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as a guideline. I've offered this workshop several times now and received positive feedback from the participants.   CPP (the organization that develops the MBTI assessment and related materials) provides their certified instructors with great resources. One of these is called Type Heads.  Each of the sixteen types has words associated with behaviors of that type. This can be a valuable tool if you have some basic MBTI knowledge. In my workshop, I explained to writers the importance of understanding how people behave normally, so readers will not toss your book due to inconsistency in a character's actions and behaviors (I have put books down for this very reason).  Yes, a person can act out of their normal behavior, but there needs to be a very good reason for them to do so. Below are the sixteen Type Heads: Type Head imag