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Death's Rival: A Jane Yellowrock Novel

I love Faith Hunter's books because each one raises the stakes (pun intended) a little higher.  Death’s Rival is the fifth book in this series, and I'm eagerly waiting for book six, Blood Trade , out next week on April 2.   I recommend this entire series, and, although, you can pick up any Jane Yellowrock book  to start, I urge you to go out and buy all five existing books and buy Blood Trade on April 2 .  If you're tired of vampire stories that romanticize the vampires, then Faith Hunter's series is for you. "I'm Jane Yellowrock, and I used to kill vamps for a living.  Until I started working for them.  It wasn't easy money, and I'd dumped the contract with Leo Pellissier, the chief fanghead of the Southeastern U.S., when the retainer ran out."             p. 1 , Death's Rival At the age of twelve, Jane Yellowrock wandered out of the woods naked, unable to communicate, and without any memories of her former life.  In her adult li

Happy Readers Are Loyal Readers

I love reading.  No.  Really, you probably don't quite understand the depth of that love.  Let's put it this way, in years past I would visit the bookstore prior to a vacation and buy a huge stack of books.   My husband's response?  "What are you going to read on the second day?" Of course, he was joking, but now you get the picture. With my Kindle, it's so much easier now.  I download books on the go, but I'm always on the lookout for more books.  A few months ago, I discovered BookBub .  I tell them my preferences, and they send me a daily email of suggested books available for free or at low prices for a short time.  At first, if the book sounded interesting and was free, I just downloaded it.  Afterall, if it was no good, I wasn't out any money. Now, I'm a bit more selective. Why? Editing.  A simple process that appears to take a backseat to self-publication.  Many self-published authors reduce their price or offer their titles fre