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I'm Guest Blogging At SCWW Today

I'm a guest blogger on the SCWW (South Carolina Writers' Workshop) blog today. Have you ever thought about attending a writing conference or critique group but decided you should wait until you finish writing your story?  Follow this link to see why you shouldn't wait: Haven’t Written Your Book? 7 Reasons to Attend A Writers’ Conference

Female-Driven Content: A Glimpse Into A ComicCon Panel

Heidi Cox In just a few days, I'm winging west to spend a few days with my daughter, Heidi Cox, while she and  some very creative friends of hers appear in a panel at San Diego ComicCon (SDCC): Spark Your Creativity, a Call To Action. Ladies Unite to Create More Female-Driven Content!   1:00pm, Saturday July 26, 2014, Room 23ABC. I'm really excited to share this experience with her.  If you're headed to ComicCon check out this panel. How did you and your team come up with the idea of this panel? Stephanie and I decided that we definitely wanted to submit a Dweeb Darlings panel idea for SDCC and other cons as well. We felt we had something to say about women and the entertainment industry. We have so many friends who are female and who are producing amazingly original content. It just seemed natural to want to encourage more of it. What are you trying to achieve during your allotted time? We want to inspire women to be more creative. We want to inspi

Waiting For a Baby Giraffe

Kiko, 4 days old © Barbara V. Evers, All rights reserved. In October 2012, I hovered near computer screens so I could watch EarthCam's view of the giraffe paddock and barn at the Greenville Zoo .  Why?  Autumn was pregnant and due to deliver her baby giraffe any day.  At 11:49pm on October 22, Kiko entered the world.  I watched the birth on EarthCam and held my breath until this beautiful little guy managed to get to his feet and take his first steps.  Four days later, I headed to the zoo to meet this wonderful creature . Once again, I hover near my computer screen watching EarthCam. Autumn is due to give birth again, either this month or next. I have my iPad open to the EarthCam app while I type on my laptop.  When I'm conducting a training workshop, I access EarthCam during the breaks.  The participants and I watch while we talk about one of my favorite subjects:  giraffes. As I am writing this, Kiko wandered into view on EarthCam, so I snapped a quick screensho

Treasures In A Box: What Do You Keep?

The Growing Basketball Net That's Not My Dog Gramps Dream and the Past What do these 4 items have in common?  I wrote them eons ago AND I still have my original versions.  In fact, The Growing Basketball Net is a children's story I wrote and illustrated at the ripe age of ten. (Cover art below.) My Cover Illustration, © Barbara V. Evers, All rights reserved Last week, I needed to find a short story I wrote in 2008.  I had looked for it before but couldn't find it.  I knew I had not thrown it away. The list at the beginning of this post is of stories I wrote between the ages of ten and sixteen.  If I have them, you know I must have a story written six years ago. Determined to find the missing story, I pulled out the boxes where I store my writing.  I dug through notebooks, rediscovering stories I'd written and the beginnings of stories whose plots I've forgotten. I wish I knew what I planned when I started these stories.  There were so many unfinishe