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Kindle a Love for E-Reading

Last November, I joined the ranks of e-book readers.  My unread books still wait for my return, hoping that some day I'll give up on the electronic wonder and return to the tactile pleasures of a hardback or paperback book.  Not to say I've only read digital books since November, but that's almost true. I took my time, researching the Kindle, the Nook, and the IPad before selecting the Kindle.  I absolutely love it.  Why did I choose Kindle?  I like to read outdoors.  The other e-readers didn't provide that ability. The IPad tempted me with all of its extras, but I wanted a device for reading books.  I didn't want something that provided alternatives to one of my favorite pastimes--reading. I can vouch for the fact that you CAN read your Kindle outdoors, and, if you buy the cover with a light, you can read in just about any lighting.  I've only found one place where I couldn't read the screen--under a red cabana at the beach.  It happened by accident.  T