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Childhood Monuments

Image courtesy of artur84/ Kids clustered as close to the digging equipment as the workers would allow. The red clay churned and our third base shifted in the ground. Exclamations of surprise echoed from the crowd of children as the huge white rock at the edge of our front yard succombed to progress.  "Whoa!" "Wow.  Look how big it is." The new neighbors wanted natural gas, and the line where the pipes would be laid crossed third base, our white rock. When the neighborhood parents broke the news to us, every child protested.  Third base was a fixture.  First base was the bush at the corner of the house, second base the water meter cover.  The white rock, embedded in the earth for all time, stood solid as third base. How many times had I stood on it, excitement in my veins? Home lay just ahead.  One more hit, and I would score. Even when we weren't playing baseball, it gave us joy.  I loved to ride my bicycle over

Two Great Options for National Buy a Book Day

What is special about Saturday, Sept. 7, 2013? It's National Buy A Book Day .  If you love reading and want to help out booksellers, this Saturday provides a perfect opportunity for you to do so.  The main thing is to buy a book.  Or hey! Go wild and buy more than one book. What else is special about this Saturday? Fiction Addiction in Greenville, SC will hold a book launch party for Susan M. Boyer's new book, Lowcountry Bombshell .  I love that she's provided me the perfect opportunity to buy the sequel to Lowcountry Boil on National Buy a Book day.  I've already downloaded the Kindle version, but I always get hard copies of books written by my friends.   Afterall, what's the fun of having friends who write if you don't get signed copies of their books? If you're looking for something else to purchase, I recommend you check out Are We There Yet?   by  Sue and Hector Badeau. Their story of the ultimate road trip chronicles the experiences of