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Everyone Is Gifted and Talented

Last week, I enjoyed the privilege of attending the Reflections Awards ceremony at a local elementary school.  I had judged the literature entries for the contest and wanted to meet the children whose wonderful imaginations soared across the pages of the works I judged. As the only judge present, the coordinators asked me to say a few words.  What I said to these children applies to all of us, so I'm sharing a video of my presentation.  The idea to videotape this was made last minute, so the sound is poor at times...we shot it from my cell phone. If you ever have the opportunity to encourage other artists, no matter their age, I hope you will jump at the chance.

What's In a Name?

What is your name? What do people call you? I go by Barbara, Mom, and my grandchildren call me Babbie.  FYI, never call me Barb.  I really hate that name. Many soon-to-be parents look up the meanings of names as they decide what people will call their child.  They try to get the name right.  To give the child something that will provide them strength in their life and, hopefully, won't cause them distress. Writers do this, too, for our characters.   On my writing reference bookshelf is the book, 60,000 Baby Names .  Why?  I need ideas.  Not every character comes to me with a name.  OR, sometimes, they come to me with only a name.  I need to know the origin and meaning of that name to help me with the character's nature and development. My name, Barbara, means a stranger in a foreign land.  It comes from the term barbarian.  I like it now, but as a kid, I hated the meaning.  Who wanted to be a stranger in a foreign land?  Not me.  Now? It has so many allegorical im