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So You Want To Be Published

My first publication appeared in this journal If you're on Facebook, then you already know several of my short stories and photographs were accepted for publication in The Petigru Review and moonShine review .  I received most of this information, including the request to use one of my photographs for the cover of Petigru , on Tuesday of this week.  While these aren't my first publications, the thrill of acceptance never gets old. It dawned on me as I read through comments on Facebook that many people don't understand the process of how to get published.  So, I thought I'd take today's post to share my thoughts on this topic.  Notice, these are my thoughts.  I don't think there is one perfect formula.  If there were, my novel trilogy would already be published.  Alas, I'm still waiting for that thrill. What does it take to get published? Number one, you have to write.  This point sounds simple, but you wouldn't believe how many people tell

In Sympathy to the Greenville Zoo

Today, I don't want to write this post, but I must.  I'm heartbroken over the news that Autumn, the Greenville Zoo's pregnant giraffe, gave birth to a stillborn calf.  I read the news this morning and my world stopped. Here's the announcement posted by the Friends of the Greenville Zoo on their Facebook page: At approximately 3:25 a.m. this morning, the Greenville Zoo’s female giraffe, Autumn, delivered a stillborn calf. Zoo staff were on-hand to monitor Autumn during the delivery. Autumn is currently doing well, but will remain off exhibit today so that she can be closely observed. A necropsy will be performed on the calf later this morning. The community rallied to support Autumn throughout the pregnancy. We know that you are all feeling this loss. Please keep the Zoo staff in your thoughts today. While I'm devastated, my heart turns toward the staff at the zoo.  Awaiting the birth of this giraffe was a very public, even worldwide, event just

Catching Up: ComicCon and Other Things

With Heidi at ComicCon The Women on Heidi's Panel I know, I know, I haven't posted in a couple of weeks.  Sorry about that, but I've been busy. First of all, I had a fantastic time at ComicCon with my daughter.  Her panel went very well, and the room was full (yep, that's  400+ people).  While there, I attended a few panels and checked out HBO's Game of Thrones , Survive the Realm experience.  Even though it wasn't part of ComicCon--it was across the street and free to anyone willing to wait in line--besides People lining up during the panel to ask questions. Heidi's panel, it was my favorite part. In Survive the Realm, they provide a green-screen photo-shoot.  You sit on a fake boulder, and they take several pictures of you seated beside the largest of Daenerys' dragons. Then they send it to you in a gif file. Most of the people in our group went for the regal look, trying to fit into the image of the Mother of Dragons. k