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Not Your Typical Love Stories!

  Being a woman is not for the faint of heart. This truth links the ten stories included in my new short story collection,  Pieces of Her , now available on Amazon. Not your typical stories about love! A gripping series of short stories that you won't forget, all about the lives of various women. Each story will stay with you because being a woman is indeed not for the faint of heart. These are NOT romances, but glimpses into the lives of women at different points and challenges in their lives. Read stories about love: • Crippled by a teenaged daughter's poor decision • Shattered by guilt and cruel words • Misdirected in crazy infatuation • Replaced by fear and loneliness • Stretched to the breaking point over long distance • Challenged by a disagreement after many years of marriage • Altered by the torment of bad memories • Threatened after escaping a disastrous relationship • Strained between a father needing forgiveness and a daughter's struggles to do that • Transformed

Keeping On My Toes

There's a lot keeping me on my toes these days! First of all, announcing the winner of my latest contest. Congratulations to Jane M, the lucky winner of my most recent newsletter contest. I'll be sending her a signed copy of The Watchers in Exile once I confirm her address. Want to be the next winner? Subscribe to my newsletter and get a free deleted scene from the beginning of The Watchers of Moniah .  Second, you can now order Pieces of Her  in paperback! It's odd how many hoops I jumped through trying to get the paperback copy uploaded to Amazon, but it's there now. You can get Pieces of Her for 7.99.  For those of you who have gotten the ebook, thank you so much! This is my first self-publishing venture, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I'm pleasantly surprised at the response and hope to release another collection later this year. Third, my granddaughter's sixteenth birthday is this month. It doesn't seem possible. It feels like just yesterday th