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All He Wanted Was A Muffin

My husband, Bruce, gestured toward his meal and asked, "Isn't there supposed to be a muffin with this?'' The waiter had just delivered our four-year-old granddaughter's meal ten minutes after everyone else's.  She looked at Bruce and said, "Raspberry or strawberry." He frowned.  "Is that all you have? " "Yes.  We're out of raspberry, so strawberry or apple," she said. His frown became a look of confusion.  "The menu mentioned blueberry." "We're out of blueberry.  You can have raspberry or apple." Fighting laughter, I glanced at my daugher.  Amusement danced in her eyes.  I looked away and bit my lip. Bruce tried again. "What do you have?" "Raspberry, apple, or blueberry." I fought back a chuckle and forced a bland look on my face. "Blueberry," he said. "Ok," she said and walked away.  She returned with a blueberry muffin that she handed to m

The Case of the Crazed Cursor

I stared in horror as my words sprinted off the screen.  They flew toward the cursor with mindless abandon.  Like lemmings they dashed for the cliff and plunged into the abyss.  Was my writing really that bad? I spared only a second for that thought and jumped into action.  The Escape key didn't halt the steady climb of words blurring in their rush toward the cannibalistic cursor.  The screen refused to recognize my mouse commands.  Nothing worked it seemed ... even shrieking in frustration.  I allowed a second or two of panic while I fought the surge of letters, but finally determined that this file wanted to sacrifice itself and turned to save the other three open on my desktop. I hesitated.  What if the mad cursor demon jumped the tracks and followed me?  Two of the four files represented years of labor, my blood sweat and tears.  But, what if it had already invaded? Raping and pillaging my work?  I donned my cape of goodness and plunged in to rescue them. I right-clicked

Baby Eaglets: Fascinating Glimpse of Nature

Imagine if you could watch the growth and development of three baby eaglets--just a few days old, nesting eighty feet above the ground, with very attentive parents feeding them aged rabbit, squirrel, or fish.   You can, but I must warn you, it's addictive.  The Decorah Eagles Ustream provides a bird's eye view of the life of these lovely birds. but if you're not careful, you won't get anything done because of this video stream.  Still, how cool is it that we can watch nature in action and not disturb the natural progress of things?   Here are a few of the FAQs from the website. I'll save you the time by listing them here, so you can go to the stream and watch instead of read.  FYI, though, there are extended lengths of time where you only see one of the parents sitting on the nest, keeping the eaglets warm.  When they feed, though, it's amazing.   How high is the nest? About 80 feet. How big is the nest? about 6 feet across, about 4 feet deep; it weighs abo

When Easy Cheese Isn't Easy

Last night I ordered take out pizza.  I don't do this often because I'm allergic to cheese, but white cheese is not as bad for me as yellow cheese, so I splurge every now and then. I placed the order:  two toppings with easy cheese.  I thought about asking for easy cheese on only half, but the girl on the phone didn't sound too swift, so I didn't try to confuse her more than necessary.  When I called my husband to tell him the price and how long it would take, I felt guilty about making him eat pizza with easy cheese.  Afterall, he loves cheese. Why should he suffer because of my crazy digestive issues?  He said not to bother, but I called the pizza place again. After I identified myself to the girl I had spoken to only two minutes earlier, the conversation went like this: Me:  "I'd like to change my order to easy cheese on half, regular cheese on the other half." Girl:  "Wait.  Is this the Texas pizza?  With onions?" Me:  "No.  Two t