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What's Your Favorite Fairy Tale?

In the midst of trying to catch up on email, work, and personal responsibilities, I discovered a blog post from A Quid for the Quill stating that Sunday, February 26 was Tell A Fairy Tale Day.  Quid's blog meandered through several aspects of fairy tales, but what struck me the most was her question:  What is your favorite fairy tale? She invited us to recall them, admitting that her favorites didn't make the Disney big screen.  I knew the answer to this question, immediately.  My favorite fairy tales were not done by Disney either. Two of them you might be familiar with, but I'd be surprised if you know the third, and probably my favorite as a child. Golden Press published a beautiful series of Hans Christian Andersen stories illustrated with 3D puppet holographic images.  I owned two of these books, The Wild Swans which Juliet Marillier used as part of the basis of her book, Daughter of the Forest.  The other Golden Press book I loved was The Snow Queen . 


This week, I'm not going to write a post, I'm just going to share some points that are on my mind: Stop and smell the roses. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Call your mother, father, daughter, son, whoever it is that you've been meaning to call. I'm dealing with things more important than putting out a new post this week, so please know that the list above is important.  Don't wait.  Act on the ones that you've been sliding on. And a huge Thanks to all of you who are praying for my mother.  Your prayers are being answered.