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Thrown Chairs and Drowning Brownies

What a summer it's been! I'm going to talk about Imaginarium in a moment here, but I wanted to explain my absence on the blog for the last few weeks.  The local school district voted to change the school calendar, so exams happen before the Christmas holiday instead of after. That meant losing a week of the summer vacation. This decision, although good, made us schedule our vacation earlier than normal. We went in early June. When we got back, my computer decided to not charge the battery anymore. I'm hypervigilant about backups but knowing my computer could crash at any moment kind of ramps of the urgency. Meanwhile, I researched computers and, after a week of balancing everything, found a decent computer I could afford. During this time, we learned my father-in-law was at end of life. That shifted our plans even more. In the midst of all of this, I headed to Imaginarium in Louisville, Kentucky. This was my third year as a guest, and my first time with a vendor's table

Promises, Promises

 A new post is coming, soon, I promise. June and July got a bit wacky between vacation, my computer deciding six years was long enough for a computer to last, preparing for Imaginarium, and some family issues. I will have a post up next week to share all of the gory details, or not, but the post will be here next week.  via GIPHY