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Myers Briggs: Christmas Stress or Spontaneity? Exploring Your Organizational Style

Tick, tick, tick.  December days fly by don't they?  Before we know it, Christmas will be here.  Are you ready?  Have you planned well?  Are you still trying to get started on your shopping? The answers to these questions can point to your Myers Briggs preference in the fourth dichotomy of type:  how we structure our world.  Consider the approaches of Karen and Joan. Karen shopped early, wrapped her gifts, baked for the neighbors, and, even though she has a few things left on her list, she will not be out shopping on Christmas Eve.  She's planned her family's get-together, and it should run smoothly because she doesn't miss a detail. Joan wants to get her shopping done, but there are so many options to consider.  She's been shopping, but she's not bought much.  She has her tree up, and maybe it's decorated, but she's nowhere near ready.  She has seven more shopping days, so she has time. Let's look at these two further: When Karen finds t