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Spreading Our Wings To Fly

When we reach beyond ourselves, we are closest to spreading our wings to fly. Image courtesy of Tina Phillips\ The statement above represents the motto and tagline for my business. Eversworks encompasses training, public speaking, and writing services, and I seek to inspire, motivate, and encourage people in their search for personal and career development. If you've never visited my website, you might not know about some of my services and activities.  Over the last week, my website received a complete overhaul, and today, I'm excited to unveil that new look.  You can find it at I value accuracy and clarity on anything with my name attached to it, so I welcome your feedback, positive or constructive.  If you're willing to help in that way, please drop by the site, follow all of the links, and read the information.  I appreciate, in advance, your assistance. And, if you didn't know about my public speaking ministry, p

Coke or Pepsi? You Decide

Today, I pose a serious question:  Coke or Pepsi? Now, don't just jump the gun here.  Think about your answer. I grew up in a Coca-Cola household. Television commercials told me it was the real thing.  I watched a hillside of people sing about giving the world a Coke. So, the idea of drinking Pepsi never crossed my mind until I left home, and the store offered it on sale but not Coke.  I tried the Pepsi, drank it in restaurants when no other choice was available, but I always preferred Coke. Some people claim I'm disloyal to the Carolinas since Pepsi originated in North Carolina.  Coke originated in Georgia.  I grew up in Clemson, South Carolina, half-way between Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, NC.  While South Carolinians share a kinship with our neighbors to the north, we don't see ourselves as North Carolinians. A fact that rubs us the wrong way when people from outside South Carolina can never remember we're from South Carolina and introduce us to others as be