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Saying Good-bye Is Never Easy

Today, I'm blogging about my Uncle Bill on my other blog. Please hop over and check it out: Saying Good-bye: A Truth About Growing Older

The Mini-Van Race Car

In honor of my grandson's sixth birthday: this post was written on the occasion of his birth.   Picture this:  a white mini-van ignoring all traffic rules, roaring along Atlanta's I-285, weaving and zipping between lanes.  Who was that stupid driver?  Me! But let me explain: "Mom, I need you to come.  I'm in labor."  (Phone call from my pregnant daughter.) "Are you going to the hospital now?" "No, I've got time.  Just get here as soon as you can.  The contractions are too strong for me to drive.  I need you to take me." No problem. Right?  Wrong!  My daughter lives three hours away.  After gaining her promise to call an ambulance if things got too close, I hit the road. When I say I hit the road, you have to realize that it was Friday, July 1, the first day of the Independence Day weekend.  Highway patrol lurked in hidden spots along I-85 ready to nab drivers stupid enough to speed on a holiday weekend. My body strained to f