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My Goodreads 2019 Challenge Results To Date

As we move into the holiday season, I want to take a brief detour from my author interviews to share my Goodreads list of books read in 2019. The Goodreads Annual Reading Challenge allows you to set a goal for how many books you'll read in the next year and track it.  For 2019, I set my goal at 60 books. As of today, Nov. 26, I have read 76 books. I'm currently reading 4 more, and I still have 5 weeks left to add to this number. Last year, I barely missed hitting my goal of 50 books. What's different this year? Several things: I started listening to audiobooks in the car with my grandchildren I was grounded by a broken foot The grands are older, so I have more free time to read (not much but I'll take what I can get) You will find several genres in this list including middle grade and young adult titles The list is heavily weighted toward my favorite genre of fantasy, but I've read mysteries, contemporary fiction, literary, women's fiction, and nonfic