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Did You Know A Giraffe Attended Thanksgiving?

Happy Thanksgiving for my readers in the US! For the rest of you, hope you're having a great Thursday. Although, we have no proof of a giraffe pilgrim, we do have this picture. Hmmm, you never know. LOL. Thanks to getting Covid earlier this month (happy birthday to me), I'm just getting around to thinking about what I'm thankful for. I won't spend forever on a list, but I do want to hit some highlights. I'm thankful for: My family. They are my reason for most everything I do each and every day. YOU! Thank you for reading my posts! Fans of my books, both current and future. Authors spend thousands of hours creating stories for your enjoyment, so when you appreciate our hard work, it's very gratifying. I especially appreciate fans who review and/or share the books with others. The Giraffe Conservation Foundation for their work to keep giraffes as part of our world. My mother for teaching me how to make her sweet potato pudding and her nutty fingers--a family trad

Blessed Legs

  I thought all men’s legs looked like that—harsh crevices outlining the muscles, puckering around the edges. Long gashes ran down his thighs, the shape of a huge eye to my youthful imagination. I stared at them, not because they were unusual, but because they were at eye level. Dad stood at the bathroom sink every morning, the scrape, scrape of his razor rasping away his overnight beard growth. Water trickled in the sink, swishing when he rinsed. I sat on the floor or on the cool edge of the tub and watched the foamy white cream disappear behind each stroke. His legs were not my focus, but children see what’s at eye level, soaking it in. I saw Dad’s legs. Confirming my belief that Dad’s legs were normal was the balance between each limb. The symmetry of the scars gave them permanence. I accepted those legs as sculpted and muscular. Not the ravaged remains of skin grafts after a bomb in France blew up beside a young soldier. War warranted a brief mention in my childhood years, the reas

5 Things Writers Do

With the onset of November, I've begun to see some of my fellow writers posting about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). This is an annual event where writers commit to getting 50,000 words of a story written. A novel is much longer than that, but it gives them a start. This got me thinking about other things writers do. What else do writers do? I decided to try my hand at creating an infographic about this. It took way too long, and I'm not thrilled with the platform I used to create it, but I did create it, so I'm going to share it. If you like it, feel free to share it too. What would you add?