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Do You Know Your Watchers?

 After talking about Watchers last week, I thought we might do something different this week. How about a crossword puzzle where the answers are Watcher-related? Sound like fun? I hope so! Here you go. Go here  to access the answer key and a downloadable version of the puzzle. ACROSS 2. Animal the royal family bonds with 5. Color worn by a Watcher to warn of danger 6. Heir to Elwar's throne 8. Weapon used by Watchers 9. Animal killed by Hunter in the forest 10. Kiffen and Serrin's mother 13. Adana's throne 14. Watcher who prophesied Queen Chiora's death 17. What Glume gave Adana to stop the pain 18. Giraffe Keeper 20. Rank Adana must have before leaving for Elwar 21. Where Micah and Donel first met Watchers 23. Adana's first betrothed DOWN 1. Beds in Moniah 3. Name of the Monian fortress after Chiora's death 4. Name of the celebration on Adana's 18th birthday 6. Chiora's First Vision 7. What's used to bond with giraffes 9. The ki

You Might Be a Watcher If...

What is a Watcher? I first encountered this question during a creative writing class. Keep in mind, at that point, The Watchers of Moniah was not a completed novel, and the events that occur on or after page 233 were the story's beginning. Sight A Watcher possesses certain gifts from the Creator, all related to sight. In some cases, it's the literal meaning of sight...but more. Watchers notice details others miss—not necessarily from being detail-oriented, although the gift does push them that way—but from what their inborn and trained intuition tells them. Aim A Watcher exhibits impeccable aim. An arrow hits the bullseye almost every time, and at a distance beyond the most talented archer's abilities. The same goes for knives. Over time, they learn to control this aim even more. Consider the straight arrow test: Nine arrows in a straight line pierced the scarred target wall in the distance. A significant feat and cause for jubilation for most trainees, but she didn’t rejoi