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Finding Social Media Gold

Me with David B Coe and 2 friends I spend the majority of my day NOT reading blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, but occasionally I trip over some "social media gold."  Today, I want to share with you three great sources from my online explorations in the past month.  I've provided essential links with each of these.  Please check out all three! Discovery #1 :  I'm not sure how I discovered the blog Marking Our Territory , but I'm glad it found it's way to my computer screen.  In this blog, Will, tells the story of his life with his two dogs, Eko and Penny. It gives me a smile every day, and it's a perfect example of how to keep your blog focused on one topic (writers take note). Check it out, especially if you're tired of all the negativity in social media these days. Discovery #2 :  A few days ago, a friend posted about an entrepreneur in Charlotte who wants to open a specialized indie bookstore, but not just any bookstore.  The best way