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The Christmas Gift Buying Frenzy

Bracing for the cold, That blew in yesterday. Feeling crisp and bold. As I bundle along my way December is here. The season of cheer. Christmas time once more. Make sure you don't miss it Rushing from store to store. Thanksgviing, for me, launches the beginning of the Christmas season (even though several local radio stations try to force it on us in early November).  Families gather for Thanksgiving to share their bounty and show thanks for the blessings bestowed on them.  What better way to segue into the season that recognizes the greatest gift of all, our savior's birth? This year, I want to slow down and not get caught up in the bustle.  I want to spend time with friends and family, instead of rushing around looking for that perfect gift to check off a lengthy list of recipients. This non-sensical gift-grabbing is one of the reasons our family agreed to change a holiday tradition this year. We drew names among the adults for gift-giving.  Instead of umpteen gifts, I

Rejoice After Today

Today is the day the Lord has made; rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24 I'm full.  I couldn't eat another bite right now if you paid me to.  But in the kitchen, my mother-in-law and daughter are mixing up a batch of caramel nut brownies.  Probably by the time they come out of the oven, I'll find room. The Bible verse I began this post with is my favorite verse; one that has sustained me through many a dark day.  For many of us, rejoicing in today isn't difficult.  We have family, food, and fun to share. While you enjoy the joys and blessing of this day, I hope you store a bit of those experiences away for one of your less than fortunate days.  If today is one of those not-so-great days, I hope you gather some comfort in the simple verse above. Every day, no matter how exuberant or difficult, is a day to rejoice because the Lord made that day.  People say, "God doesn't make junk."  When it feels like you just need to get through the day, try sto

Short-lived Technology Upgrade Fear

I need a new phone...well, OK, maybe need is a strong word, but I want one. I got a Droid two years ago because I needed a smartphone in order to stay on top of my contract opportunities. My Droid has worked most of the time, but it's done some really odd things that have left me throwing my hands up in frustration. Sometimes, I dream fondly of my old flip phone.  It was so simple to use, but I know I won't be happy without the smartphone features that I've come to rely on.  Whatever would I do while stuck waiting somewhere? I want something new, but I have STUF (Short-lived Technology Upgrade Fear)--that horrible feeling that comes within a few days of buying something new because the next greatest and latest product came out days or weeks later, making your not-so-wonderful-anymore item obsolete. How did we get so dependent on technology anyway?  I taught a Time Management class last week, and one of the topics that we discussed at length was how to effectively and

Tricks and Treats

Riley Ladybug Strange and curious things showed up at my door last night.  Maybe yours, too?  It started with a ladybug on the arm of a cowboy accompanied by an attractive witch...our granddaughter, son, and daughter-in-law.  Riley is too young to trick or treat, so they surprised us with an early evening visit to show off this bewildered little ladybug.  Trick AND Treat! She was cute, but you could tell she didn't understand what all the fuss was about. It wasn't long before Tigger showed up.  He was abnormally quiet, but maybe he just needed a nap.  Then we had more ladybugs, bumblebees, dragons, Tranformers, and lions, oh my!  The most interesting was a vampire kitty.  I think she'd had a little too much by the time she got to us! Amari Wiggly Piggly Halloween brings back fond memories.  My mom insisted we had enough things around the house to put a costume together, so I only had a few store-bought costumes as a kid.  One memorable year, I