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End With a Bang...Finally!

Last week, I posted on Facebook that moonShine review accepted two of my short stories for publication.  Among the comments, one friend wrote, "Finally!"  I chuckled over this because I realized she thought this was my first published story.  It's not, but I loved her for her enthusiasm. Then, I thought about the two stories accepted by moonShine review . Gentle Snow might be one of my best stories.  I had never submitted it before because I wanted to choose the right publication.  And I was right; they wanted it.  That felt good because the other story, Pieces , plagued me for years. While working on my Master's degree in 2004, I wrote Pieces for a creative writing class. The professor had urged me to veer from my genre writing and try to write something literary.  The result was Pieces , a fictionalized account of a horrific event during my first marriage.  When the class critiqued my story, I received positive comments from the teacher and my classmates,

The Story Arc

Last year, one of my short stories appeared in Stupefying Stories and soon after they asked me to be a first reader  of their submissions.  As I gained valuable insight from this experience, I began to recognize common problems in the stories I read.  When I commented on the most common one, lack of a story arc, to the editor, Bruce Bethke, he suggested I write a post about it for their blog.  So this week, I'm guest blogging about story arcs for Stupefying Stories. Do you know what a story arc is?  Check it out on Stupefying Stories' blog site.  Here's the link: The Story Arc: Without One, Your Roof Caves In . Please drop by and leave a comment.