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Temptation Tuesday

(c) Barbara V. Evers, All Rights Reserved Today I've decided to share a snippet from my novel, The Watchers of Moniah .  This scene appears about two-thirds of the way through the book.  I hope you enjoy.  (And maybe someday you'll get to see the entire work in print!) Adana pondered this new piece of information.   What did Glume already know?   She shot a warning look at Ambrosia, the order to not share her current thoughts blazing across the link.   The giraffe lowered her ears, an indication of submission.   Calm floated back through the connection-- Ambrosia trusted Glume. “Please forgive me if I’ve offended you,” Glume said. Adana tilted her chin upward at the man.   “We will discuss this further, but right now I need to try to communicate through Maltute. He bobbed his head.   “You need to warn the young king.” Adana raised an eyebrow.   “Is there anything you do not know concerning our link?” The flush that spread up Glume's cheeks caused Adana to swall

Should Christians Watch The Hunger Games?

The question stunned me.  I had never looked at The Hunger Games as a threat to our society, so the email asking why I, as a Christian, could promote a movie/book where children kill children caught me off guard.  My friend admitted, she had not read the books or seen the movie, so her opinion was based on plot information found online, but all I could think is that's not really what The Hunger Games is about.  It does not glorify children killing children.  Sure, there is the arena - which is a large wilderness - where twenty-four children are launched into the game of kill or be killed, but that's only looking at this story from the surface. Even so, I realized my friend gave me a rare opportunity. Rather than blast me, she told me her concerns and asked if I could explain why many Christians support and rave about this story.  I thanked her and asked for a few days to gather my thoughts.  I even re-read the first book in the series with her concern foremost in my mind.