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PIECES OF HER Now Available!

Being a woman is not for the faint of heart. This truth links the ten stories included in my new short story collection, Pieces of Her , now available on Amazon. This compilation brings together stories I’ve written over the last twenty years. Each one takes the female experience and looks at the different ways, good or bad, women dealt with the issues of their lives. Inside this ebook (print book available soon), you’ll find the following stories: “Prayers for Bethany” which won multiple awards and was nominated for the esteemed Pushcart Prize, looks at the heart of a mother dealing with her daughter’s deception and the resulting consequence. Most of the people in this part of the hospital looked like her. Like they didn’t belong. They wore regular clothes. Some stood close, in a huddle. Others stared into space, their hands shoved in their pockets, shoulders hunched to ward off reality. “Cedar Revenge” reveals the confusion and devotion between sisters and their youthful actions that

Upcoming Book Release!

Exciting news! While getting over the crud, I decided to compile my short stories into a collection for publication. I have lots of short stories that I've written over the last twenty years. Some have been published in anthologies, but not all. After exploring the options, I decided to create two different collections. The first one will be out soon. It's called Pieces of Her  and will explore the plight of women.   Here's my blurb: Being a woman is not for the faint of heart! In this short story collection, Barbara V. Evers takes you on an exploration of the varying hearts and lives of women. You will find many similarities in their lives, and yet each is unique in her choices and dreams. Experience the age-old struggle between mothers and daughters, a sister's efforts to save her sister from a huge mistake and the consequences of trying, the pursuit of love in wrong places, and the heartache of loves that fail to provide the joy anticipated. In each story, you might