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Stories by Barbara: Far From the Comforts of Home

 I hope all of you are enjoying family and friends this week. As you prepare to enjoy your feasts (for my US readers), I'm offerinng an audio clip from  The Watchers of Moniah  that might help you find thanks for the comforts of home this Thanksgiving week. Happy Thanksgiving!

So Much To Talk About!

So much to do and not enough time!  And it's not even December yet! Book Fairs I spent Saturday at the Aiken Book Fair helping to raise money for the OLLI program at USC Aiken. Although the weather tempted people to stay outdoors, we did have a great turnout. I met so many wonderful people from the area and got to chat with several authors whom I only know through Facebook. Added bonus, the drive down and back provided such wonderful scenery. I love fall and the glorious colors it shares with us. This Thursday, I'm headed to Columbia, SC for Books for Gifts at the Lourie Center. If you are or someone you know lives in the Columbia area, send people our way. You don't have to worry about shipping delays and can buy a gift signed by a local author. Your $5 entry fee gets you refreshments, entertainment, and free gift wrap. (Although I love wrapping presents, I dislike the hours I end up doing it, so this is a great bonus!) Now a brief look back to CONjuration. As promised, I

Home From CONJuration: What a Blast!

I had such a blast at CONJuration this weekend! Never heard of it? Well, read on. You won't want to miss it next year! Why? Harry Potter Theme The Malfoys With a Harry Potter theme aimed at the whole family, how can you go wrong? Answer: You can't!  I've read these books many times (although I met my knowledge match in several of the attendees), so it was so much fun seeing how people interpreted the stories into costumes and panels.  On Sunday, I participated on a “Harry Potter - What If?” panel where we explored questions such as: What if Harry had been sorted into Slytherin? What if Petunia had been a witch? What if Neville was the chosen one instead? (A part of me says he was since he destroyed the last horcrux.) The discussion was lively between the audience and the panel. Such a blast. The Fix-It Fairy I, also, sat on "What Would It Be Like to be a Wizarding Mom?" where we explored the pitfalls, joys, and gaps in knowledge about raising wizarding children.

The Star Chamber, SWAG, and CONJuration: Oh My!

Just a few quick mentions this morning since I'm busily preparing for the big weekend at CONJuration in Atlanta, Georgia this weekend.  But before I leave for Atlanta, I am appearing on The Star Chamber Podcast tonight, NOV. 3 at 9 pm EST. I hope you can join me there. If you can't make it tonight, you can always catch it later. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you know I ran a secret contest on my Facebook Author page . Only subscribers knew about it, so if you're not subscribed, you're missing out on some prize opportunities. Congratulations to Dreaa Drake and JE Murray! Look for an email from me so I can send you your SWAG! And thank you so much for reading my newsletter! Now, a bit about CONJuration . This Magical Fantasy Convention centers around Harry Potter fandom and provides family-friendly programming with something for all ages. The workshops and panels sound amazing, and I had a hard time narrowing down the list of those I wanted to be part of. If you