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Stories With Barbara: Hidden

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month . I have a strong interest in this cause. Why? I divorced my first husband on the grounds of domestic violence. He later lost his visitation rights--yes, the courts gave him visitation originally--due to child abuse. It's a personal issue for me. That's one reason why I write about strong women. I want to provide role models for young girls, and not-so-young girls, to follow. No one should have to live in fear from their closest loved ones. I have a short short story on my YouTube channel today that I'd love for you to watch. This one is disturbing, but it's important that we don't sweep the issue of domestic violence under the rug. I hope you'll watch the video. At the end, I share some current statistics on domestic violence in the US as well as the hotline number. The hotline number is also below the video. Caught in abuse or know someone who is or you suspect is? Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) Text: START to 887

What Does the Editor Mean By ...?

A few years ago, I created a list of terms to share with am editing client. It's important for writers to understand these terms, or writer's jargon, in order to make decisions about suggestions made by the editor. Many writers know these terms. If you have not worked with an editor or critique group, several of these may be unfamiliar to you.  For the second group of people, see how many you know. Ask questions in the comments if you need clarification on anything. For the first group of people, what would you add? Answer in the comments.