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Play It Again

Image courtesy of worradmu / The question made me chuckle.  In church this past Sunday, our minister asked how many of us had watched a movie more than once.  Hands went up all over the congregation.  Then he asked how many had watched a movie over five times?  Ten times?  Twenty times?  Thirty times? He stopped there.  My hand, and a small number of others, still responded yes. This got me to wondering.  First of all, I knew my answer was correct, I have watched at least one movie more than thirty times, but I don't know the exact number of times I've watched my favorites. I tried not to dwell on this during the sermon, but I did think about it later and do some calculations.  Then came the question:  Why did I watch these movies so often?  Here's my most watched list with some reasons attached. Shrek :  my granddaughter is to blame for this one.  She will watch it again and again and again. Star Wars (the first one):  no idea how many