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Happy New Year

We sit on the verge of a new year. 2015! As a kid, I never focused on the idea of individual years past the year 2000.  Flying cars, living on the moon--these are the ideas I focused on.  When you spend so much time in your imagination, things you haven't focused on, like the specific year 2015, can sometimes throw you. Just ask another writer. Anyway, I'll adapt to 2015 soon enough. An Eclectic Muse will return in the first full week of the new year. Until then, be safe and have a Happy New Year!

It's Christmas Movie Time Again

I love Christmas. No seriously. I love almost everything about Christmas. During this time of year, I succumb to some guilty pleasures...No.  Not the food.  Of course, I do reserve certain recipes for this time of year, but my real guilty pleasures are Christmas movies, Christmas stories, and, yes, even those heart wrenching Hallmark commercials.  I can't help myself.  I just love this time of year. Last Sunday, I joined my sister's family at the local theatre to watch a Christmas Double Feature from TCM.  We saw A Christmas Carol (1938) and Christmas in Connecticut (1945).  A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christmas stories.  I love Scrooge's transformation and how the ghosts of Christmas give him a glimpse into his life and the lives of those he affects through his actions. I've seen every possible version of this story in movie and cartoon form and never tire of it.  Although the 1938 version isn't my favorite, seeing it on the big screen made