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Getting Started With This Blog Thing

Procrastination is the name of the game.  At least when it comes to starting my blog, it seems.  I've thought about, and "mind-written," several first entries to my blog, but it's taken me months to actually get down to the actual act of blogging. That's a funny term isn't it?  Blogging. The first time I heard about blogs was in 2004 during a class in graduate school.  The class examined the remediation (changing the form of media) of communication venues--in other words, books redone as movies redone on DVD's, etc.  All forms of communication have followed some path of remediation, and blogs were one of the latest forms at the time.  Or so my professor said.  I haven't researched the history of blogs, but I do recall wondering what in the world a blog was.  The answer I received in 2004 was that it was like a diary that you kept on the internet.  Well, that made absolutely no sense to me.  Diaries are all about privacy, right?  So why would you po