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My Childhood Imagination: The Torment It Caused Me

Courtesy of HyenaReality/ As a kid, I annoyed my parents by making up things to frighten me.  What can I say?  I have an active imagination, and, when I was little, it often ran all over me.  Noises in the night became monsters creeping up on me.  I recall events from my childhood that terrified me beyond anything my child's mind could handle.  Some of these events should dwell in my family's memory, too, but for some reason, I've discovered I'm the only one who remembers. For example, someone, or thing, used to shake the basement door to the back yard so hard that it felt like the house shook on its foundations. It happened night after night. I'll never forget it.  We didn't know what was down there, but I knew if it got in, it only had to walk straight up the stairs and across the hall into my bedroom.  Tell me that's not enough to frighten a kid.  I have a distinct memory of my brother needing to take out the garbage, which of