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Stand Tall for Giraffe on World Giraffe Day

  World Giraffe Day  is less than a week away, June 21, Why June 21? If you've been following my giraffe trivia Facebook posts on Tuesdays, you know it's the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere and the longest night of the year in the southern hemisphere. Seems appropriate for the tallest animal on earth. Interested in learning more? In case you're new to me and have never heard about the giraffe's silent extinction, you can check out the following links for more info: Giraffe Conservation Fondation's site on giraffe population status Giraffe Conservation Foundation's actions in the field (lots of info here) Research conducted by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF) tells us there are roughly 117,000 giraffes in the wild. Why haven't you heard about it? Because until a few decades ago, no one researched Africa's most iconic animal. To put their numbers in perspective, there are 4 elephants for every 1 giraffe in the wild. That statist

What's In a Name? Ours and Our Characters'

What's your name? Oh shoot. I just met them, and I forgot their name already. Sound familiar? Most people ask your name but tend to focus on other things about you:  your role and how you might affect or benefit them, your hair, your clothes, the person who introduced you, the location where you met, etc. That's why we fail to catch the name. We're focused on ourselves. That's unfortunate.  Our names are one of the most personal things about us. I have a strong image in my mind of who Barbara is, but in a dentist's waiting room the other day, they called my name. I looked up, unsure because that day's appointment was for my granddaughter, not me. Another woman, one who did NOT fit my idea of "Barbara" got up and followed the hygienist to the back. Why didn't she fit my impression? She looked a LOT older than me and matronly. Granted, Barbara is an old name. It went out of fashion either right before or right after my parents gave it to me. You don&

Gearing Up for the Summer

It's JUNE! This is the last week of school for the grands who live with me. I believe my other grands are already out. Lucky kids. Of course for my children who actually work in the school, they're still at it, either because their jobs extend beyond the last day, or because school has another week on the west coast. Note: This week's photo is of MY high school graduation, a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away! Either way, summer looms. This year, I'm relieved to see it arrive. Ok, you got me. Every year I'm relieved. It's great to not have to worry about homework and assignments for a few months. What's Happening? I'm glad you asked! We celebrate  World Giraffe Day  on June 21. I'll have more about that later this month. Meanwhile, check out the Giraffe Conservation Foundation's information about this special effort to bring attention to the silent extinction of giraffes. I do have some big things happening this summer, too. If you sub