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Celebrating Milestones

This week, I celebrate two milestones.  They're listed below, but not in order of importance! I started An Eclectic Muse blog on March 30, 2010.  Today I'm writing my forty-seventh post, and I'm twenty-five page views from hitting the 3000 pageviews mark.  Not too shabby for the first year of my blog. People in Suriname, Russia, and China have read my blog.  Not to mention the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Germany!  Kind of humbling, if you ask me. Some of the search phrases that led people to me are fascinating.  For example, six people found me with the search phrase, "I hate Bob Evers."  I have no idea who Bob Evers is, but I don't hate him since his infamy(?) led them to this blog.  Four people searched "Scrooge Diary Phil Arnold" to find me.  I know Phil (he writes Elvis Blog ), and it's exciting to get traffic through my friendship with him. I don't know whether any of this data fascinates you or not, but

Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, at least where I live, although, it likes to play tricks on us, like this past Sunday when it turned cold for the day. I love this time of year, although I must admit that autumn still holds first place in my heart.  But spring, yes, spring holds a close second place--so close that if it was a race, you would need a photo finish to see the winner. Every year when the weather turns warmer and the air feels cleaner, even lighter, I find myself repeating the following lines in a silly, sing-song voice: Spring has sprung, the grass is green, I wonder where the birdie is. The only problem?  I can't recall the rest of the poem.  So, I googled it.  Wonder of all wonders, I don't even have the first line correct!  The only website I found with a semblance of this poem stated the first lines as: Spring has sprung, the grass has ris', I wonder where the birdie is? It goes on to complain about a bird flying overhead, leaving white droppings in the poet

Springing Forward

Wake up! Thanks to the crazy idea that we save power by changing the clocks, we sprang forward this past weekend.  I don't know about you, but spring doesn't describe how I feel about the whole process. I try to get to bed early on the Saturday night when we lose that hour, but it never seems to help.  For one thing, my body doesn't think it's time to sleep, so, I'm wide awake.  I drag around the next day, and often, for several days. It didn't help this week when I had several earlier than normal mornings. Just something else to add to the fun of confusing my internal clock.  It's now Wednesday, and I'm still tired. I've noticed over the last few years that I struggle with the time change more now than when I was younger.  Anothe r great benefit of growing older. Oh, and don't forget the dog.  He knows when he gets up, when he gets fed, when he goes out.  He can't read a clock, but you can tell time by his anxious begging at the appropr

An Apprentice, Survivor, and American Idol Walk Into a Bar

Nope. I don't have a punch line to my title, but it felt appropriate since so many reality shows are in full swing this month.  You may or may not watch them, but I find certain ones enthralling.  Keep in mind, I'm a professional trainer, so human dynamics and team work are my bread and butter.  And, as a writer, I study how people interact and think.  It fascinates me! First of all, there's Survivor.  I don't think I've ever missed more than two episodes since the show first aired twenty-two seasons ago.  I'm so glad I didn't miss the defeat of Russell, the ultimate bad guy, last night! Then there is The Apprentice.  I prefer the show without the celebrity cast, but it still fascinates me.  Professionalism and business savvy require certain skills, and I often wonder how the candidates manage to get selected.  Granted, we only see what the TV editors think will make for a good show.  What hits the cutting room floor in any of these shows probably sheds

Lessons From a Four Year Old

Kids say the darnedest things.  Art Linkletter knew it, and, years later, Bill Cosby followed up with an updated version of the same amusing and charming television show.  The truth is kids do say things that make you stop and think or chuckle. Last week, my four-year-old granddaughter spent several days with us.  I had to laugh when she walked through my bedroom, glanced at the skirt I was deciding whether or not to wear, and said, "That's cute."  She sailed right on out the door.  Where did she get that from?  FYI, the skirt is cute, but I didn't wear it. But the funniest thing she said came during bathtime.  Every time she takes a bath at our house, she likes to pretend she's a coffee shop barista.  One night last week, it went like this: Victoria :  What drink would you like? Me :  Grande vanilla soy chai. Victoria :  Hmm.  We don't have that.  How about a big apple juice? Me :  Ok. She began "mixing" the drink scooping water or soapy