Some Weeks

Time challenges me today.  Not because I'm overwhelmed with things to do, but because my neck won't turn left or right.  So, this entry will be quick, down and dirty (ie very little fine tuning).

A lock down like this makes me re-evaluate the past week and note the steps leading up to my immobility.  A week ago, I spent Tuesday fasting in preparation for a colonoscopy.  Woo hoo, good times.  I'm thankful to say that no major problems surfaced from this procedure that confounds the digestive system.  Just a note to those who've never had the pleasure of the big C, they blow air into you and you spend several days waiting for all of it to escape.  Got the picture?

Last Thursday I logged into my work email to try and figure out how to manage the incredible volume of work headed my way this month.  Alas, every single class rescheduled and my last week in May went from 4 training classes to none.  Maybe it's good that all of them rescheduled, but that's a blow to the old pocketbook in May.

Friday found me attending my granddaughter's first dance recital.  She's three.  I laughed until tears streamed down my face watching her antics on stage. She remembered some of the dance, but what she didn't know she improvised.  There's always one little ballerina that tickles the audience's funny bone, and my little one claimed that right for the night.  It brought back memories of my own recitals - something I considered blogging about - but that will have to wait.

Saturday, after my granddaughter who spent the night with us left with her Mommy, I traveled to a very long Board of Directors meeting in Columbia for SCWW(South Carolina Writers' Workshop) where we hashed over all of the details involved with the operations of the statewide organization (  By the time I got home, my bones nearly wept with exhaustion and the need for rest.

Alas, no rest for the weary as I found myself once again caring for my granddaughter.  As tired as I was, I knew a three-year old really shouldn't attend a funeral where people wail in inconsolable grief.

So, we come to 8:15 Sunday evening before I manage any time to rest.  I asked my husband that night, "It's time for the weekend right?"

Monday I met my Mom for lunch.  She was suffering from vertigo and couldn't drive home from a medical appointment yet.  Even though I hadn't planned on taking an early lunch, when your Mom needs you, you go.  I picked her up and encouraged her to eat, hoping the lunch would give her the ability to make the thirty mile trip home.  That day she looked her age, nearing eighty.  And I worried.

Monday night, it seems that the big C from earlier in the week wasn't done with me yet, so I lay flat on the couch with an ice pack on my stomach. (Maybe my lunch added to this one, but who knows?) Although I rarely lie down while watching TV, the few times I have didn't result in a crick in the neck before ... but check out my week.  I think my neck said, "Enough is enough!"

That's my story.  Time to ice again.


Susan M. Boyer said…
Yikes, Babby! Have some wine--maybe a couple of glasses. Sounds like it turned into a blessing that your classes were rescheduled. Hope things settle down soon.
Anonymous said…
Wow! Your life sounds a lot like mine--hope you are feeling better soon.
Anne Barnhill
Hope this week is getting better!
Susan, wine and muscle interesting suggestion!
Anonymous said…
You definitely had a long week! Hope next week is better one. Relax if you can :)
Anonymous said…
Whoa, Barbara, hope your neck is better soon. I'm with Susan — a nice Riesling would help.

Bob Lamb said…
I enjoyed your post, Barbara. But what kind of classes did you mean?
Valerie said…
That's lousy, Barbara! Hope it all eases up on you soon. I had one of those non-stop weekends, too, babysitting, Greekfest, party, cooking for family. Followed by extended family drama. You know, other than the colonoscopy, we're living a dual life!

Hang in there, girl!
Bob, I typically teach 1 day training classes for corporations to help their employees improve their skills or advance in their careers. The classes this week were public speaking (2 different times), negotiations, and performance appraisals. Other classes I have coming up are supervision, business writing for engineers, change management, and who knows what else. It keeps life interesting.

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