The Best Laid Plans

For the last two months, I looked forward to this week.  With Greenville Tech closed for the holiday, I planned to get some things done around the house, work on my writing, and read some good books. Maybe even get together with friends for lunch. The thought of this week got me through a demanding schedule in May and June.

It's Thursday now, and how have I spent my week?  Bouncing balls on the front porch, playing with Fisher Price toys (a circus and train from my childhood) and coloring.  I have read some books--Curious George, The Ugly Duckling, If You Give a Cat a Cupcake, If You Give a Pig a Party--just not the ones I planned to read.

So what happened?  My daughter is a single parent and suddenly got transferred out of town.  She started work this week in the new location, but she still doesn't have a place to live. beautiful, three-year-old granddaughter is staying with us.

A fun week, but definitely not the week I planned.  Gotta go now.  She's tired of finger painting after ten whole minutes!  Too bad it's too hot for the park.

Oh well, I guess I need another vacation!


Heidi Cox said…
I wish I was there to assist! You're a wonderful Grandmother xo
Susan M. Boyer said…
I can so relate to the mixed emotions this situation brings. Try Monkey Joe's over on Laurens Road. It's air conditioned. Victoria can bounce around until she's exhausted, then you can write while she naps. :)
Valerie said…
Oh, can I relate! I vowed years ago to be in a position to help my girls with their families when they had them, since I had almost no help when my children were small. (Their dad worked full time, traveled with his job, and was going to college to be able to afford this growing family, my mother worked, and we kept moving around so I had no support group.) So I'm grateful to be able to step in when their lives spiral out of control. I also have elderly parents who are requiring hands-on care from time to time. But at the same time, I am trying my dangedest to get my writing career off the ground, where it's hovered all my adult life, and sometimes these unplanned adventures throw me off track.

You have a wonderful attitude about it, so I'm not going to tell you all those "treasure them now" stories. Just hang in there.
Bob Strother said…
I know of what you speak. I just returned from Flagstaff where I played "trucks" and read stories to my 2-year-old grandson (when I wasn't playing with my 8-month-old granddaughter). And even though I did get to read some for my own enjoyment, I read a lot of "Walter, the Farting Dog", too.
Bob, that's one story I haven't heard of yet. Guess I'll have to go find it.
Gees... I guess that's what I have to look forward to when my kids will have kids.

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