A Taste of Success

Writers write because they have to. You may have heard that before, and I can tell you it’s true. Not all writers care whether they are published or not. I do care.

This past Sunday, while returning from a movie, I decided to check my email on my phone. An email's subject line, “Greer writer featured,” jumped out at me. I wondered who I knew that had sent out this notice of their achievement. With a small twinge of envy, I opened the email.

I was the Greer writer mentioned in the email!

Last February, I submitted an essay to an anthology for grandparents, and in March, I learned that it had been accepted. The anthology would be published in September.

The email I received on Sunday was the book’s press release featuring me. How cool was that? Open up an email only to discover my own press release? But the excitement didn’t stop there. After I closed out of my email, I got to thinking about the book’s title, Child of My Child. It sounded so familiar. I was almost positive that my essay had that same line in it. As soon as I got home, I looked at my essay, and sure enough, there was the line.

The press release provided a website, so I checked it out and found validation there.  It said:

That title, by the way, is borrowed from a wonderfully resonant image offered up, in slightly different forms, by two contributors to this volume: Barbara Evers and Karen Neuberg. It is both a powerful image in its own right and a fitting umbrella for the wide range of experience and emotion contained in this book.”

It doesn’t get much better than that!

You can check out the website and order the book here:
Child of My Child: Poems and Stories for Grandparents

My essay is titled, Unexpected

See you in the book store!


Susan M. Boyer said…
Awesome news, Babby! Congratulations!!
Unknown said…
Barbara, that is fantastic!!!
Gary Adkins
Valerie said…
I'm so excited for you, Barbara! You'll have a book on the shelf with your own byline in it! Congratulations!
Anonymous said…
Great news! Congratulations, Barbara.

Phil Arnold said…
Hey Barbara: This is great news. Did the anthology have a different title when notice for submissions went out? Why don't you post the photo of the book cover on your blog? Keep up the good work.
Good job, Barbara. Here's to more and more success!
Steve Stewart said…
So Cool! Congrads!

Steve Stewart
Heidi Cox said…
Mom! That's so great!
Thanks everyone!

Phil, They didn't have a title at the time of submission. Their website gives me and one other writer credit for the title. I'll try to get the cover in here later. I just tried, but it messed up the formatting, and I couldn't get it to work right. Really weird.
Bob Strother said…
That is great news, Barbara! Hopefully, I'll get to read your essay. Let me know when it's published.
Karen Neuberg said…
Nice to be in this anthology with you and thank you for including my name regarding the title. And, big big CONGRATULATIONS. Karen Neuberg
Karen, Congrats to you too. I can't wait to see how you used the title.

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