Miner Success Is Major

The world stops to participate in very few events.  Drama and crises dominate our news, but how often do they grab everyone’s attention?  It’s rare.  Even rarer are the success stories that the media deems newsworthy.
Today, the world did stop for a drama that promises a feel-good success.  As I type this, people still watch and wait.  Why?  The rescue of the thirty-three miners in Chile.  What an amazing story!  Over two months underground in a small space—limited supplies, no true sanitation, crowded together whether you like each other or not.
It’s a nightmare.  One initially estimated to last until December.
Nightmares bring us together.  The miners’ nightmare ends well.  Better than well, it ends successfully.  Of course, I’m jumping ahead because five are still underground at this moment.
Remember when you first heard of this catastrophe?  Then we heard how long the rescue effort would take—four months!.  Who would have thought these Manuel Gonzalez Paves enters the capsule used during the ambitious rescue operation. FOR MORE PICS OF RESCUE, CLICK IMAGE.miners had any chance or that rescue would come this soon?
But today, we celebrate life, we celebrate ingenuity, we celebrate the unquenchable spirit of the miners and the team focused on this outcome.  Our hearts go out to their families, and if you’re like me, you choke up at the sight of the little boy hugging his father, you smile at the miner hugging everyone and leading cheers after reaching the surface.
And at the end of the day, you appreciate your loved ones a little more.

Photo from:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/2010/10/12/2010-10-12_chilean_miners_rescued_after_69_days_underground.html


Valerie Norris said…
I thought those people would die down there. This is truly amazing, and a wonderful end to a horrifying story.
Susan M. Boyer said…
I was skeptical that they could survive that long down there, too. It's mind boggling, really, the ordeal they've been through. Truly an astonishing feat, to have all safely above ground. How grateful and relieved they and their families must be.

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