Vote for Your Rights

It took twenty-two minutes total—from my house, to the polling place, to vote and return to my house.  That's it.  I did choose the middle of the morning, but with all the media talking about the impact of this election, I thought I might have to stand in line for a little while.  Nope.  I waited three minutes before the volunteer escorted me to a booth.

I hate politics, so I'm not going to riff on who I voted for or who should win, but I can't help but feel a little put out when I'm the 77th person in my precinct to vote at 10:45 am.  Seriously?  My husband went a couple hours later and he was 98th. What a turn out.

My parents raised me to vote in every election.  It's a right that so many people take for granted.  I realize with the negative media, it can be confusing, and a little overwhelming, to decide who to vote for, but with a little research you should be able to make a decision.

No, the candidates aren't perfect.  Last I checked, I wasn't perfect either.  I make my decision on their overall stance.  Do their positions on the issues align with mine?  Once I weed out the negative press, this makes it a little easier to decide.  Beyond that, I do look at why the candidates are running for office.  If I smell a rat, I don't vote for them.  But, then again, most of them have an unpleasant odor about them, don't they?

Enough said.  If you didn't vote, you can't complain about what happens next.  By the way, none of us know what will happen, but at least voters try to influence that outcome.

Did you vote?


Tina Parker said…
I voted at 3:30 and I was the 158th person on the L-Z side. I expected a long wait. Everyone I know seems to have voted so I want to know where everyone else is.

You are right. Get out, vote!

Tina, good point. I was 77th in the A-K side. No idea how many were on the L-Z side.
Lisa Pickens said…
I was number 174 on the L-Z side at 10:45. It took maybe 30 minutes. I was expecting a much longer wait. I remember waiting hours to vote in 1976, 1980, and 1994. People complain about the government but aren't willing to take some time to vote and hopefully make a difference.
Anonymous said…
Here in AA county of Md. its a hot topic because of a vote to allow slots into the county. And the location they have marked is just up the street a few miles. Not going into it, but its a hot topic and split close.
So people think this going to effect them a lot, and well it might, but it amuses me is how bigger things effect you like the person you voted for governor or congress. But the latter does not seem to draw as much interest.
Al Knepper
Valerie said…
I voted midafternoon in my polling place, and was 49th on the L-Z list. Not a good turnout!

In one race I was so disgusted at the "choices," I wrote in my husband's name. He could do a far better job!
Henry said…
Here in Raleigh, I hit the polls at 7:00 AM. It helps that my polling place is the neighborhood clubhouse, which I pass every morning on my way to work. Unlike 2008, when there was a decent line that early, I walked right up to the L-Z table. I don't know how many voters they had already had, but there was a steady stream of people coming in to vote.

As for voting, I only advocate voting among people who actually take the time to learn who and what they are voting for (or against). If you can't bother yourself to learn about the candidates and their positions, just continue your lazy ways on election day and stay home.
Ginny said…
We had a better turnout at my precinct here in Columbia. I am SO happy now that the Republicans have control and will fix EVERYTHING in six months or less!

I was happy to learn my 24-year-old voted (out of state), especially after a conversation with him last week. At the time, he said he didn't think he would vote because he didn't know the candidates. I'm glad he changed his mind even though our politics are polar opposite.
Susan M. Boyer said…
I always, always vote. For just the reasons you stated. I think it's critical, though I agree with Carole that our country needs couples' counseling.

Anyway, I always vote--except for this time I didn't make it to the polls, to my chagrin. A last minute, out-of-town family issue made it impossible for me to participate, and I'm still physically ill about it. Jim voted by mail because we knew well in advance that he'd be out of town.

I hate, hate, hate not participating. But, I made the choice I had to make.

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