Only Six Shopping Days Left: The Third Blog of Christmas

This year I still have Christmas shopping to do.  A lot of it!  It's frustrating because I like to finish at least a week before Christmas, but events conspired against me this month.  Oh well. It is what it is.

Yesterday, I rushed to the post office to mail my daughter's Christmas presents to California.  She's not coming home this year, which makes me sad, but I wanted to be sure that her presents got to her in time.  Normally, I send them UPS and let them do the packing for me, but this year Heidi explained that the UPS package pick-up spot is a long way from where she lives.  She asked me to use the US postal service.  Ugh!

The line ran through the door when I got there, gifts in tow.  At home, I could not find a suitable shipping box, so I needed to find a box there.  Of course, none of the often-advertised flat-rate boxes fit, so I had to go with something a little more pricey.

As I struggled to find the right box, I discovered the true nature of this season.  One elderly gentleman assisted me with the box.  Another person helped me find a smaller box that still worked.  A third person loaned me her packing tape (yes, I forgot to take that with me), and the elderly gentleman that helped me before held the flaps down so I could tape it all up. And on top of it all, the postal clerk was helpful and smiling when I finally struggled up to the counter at my turn.

It did cost more, but it's nice to know that people still lend a helping hand when they don't need to.  So, as you hurry to and fro with your last minute efforts, remember those kind people in the post office, of all places, and extend some comfort and joy to those around you.

Merry Christmas to all!


Valerie Norris said…
Stood in line 20 minutes at the post office yesterday, and had a good time joking with the people around me. No one was crabby, everyone waited patiently--it was not bad at all.

Merry Christmas!
Heidi, No need to apologize...the trip to the post office showed me everyone's spirit of Christmas. That's a good thing! Love you!
Lee Wylie said…
I have also had pleasant experiences while doing my "running around" town getting last minute presents and such...even at Wal-Mart! God bless you and your family this year and always!
Rebecca said…
What a great reminder of what this season is really about, and how to "walk the walk" instead of complaining when it's not evident.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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