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The snow storm of the south made big news around here yesterday, but I have bigger news to share.  So forgive me if I ignore the wintry white beauty outside my window while I tell you about one of God's other great blessings.

In June, Bruce and I will become grandparents again ... twice!  No, not twins, even thought that was a possibility.  Our daughter-in-law, Haley, is due in early June.  This is a first baby for Haley and our son, Chris, so it's pretty exciting.  They told us at Christmas, then put us under gag order until this past week so they could tell the rest of the family and friends.  We're excited, but I must admit a few years ago, I couldn't imagine Chris as a father.  He avoided holding babies like the plague!  Luckily for him, Haley works as a nanny and has tons of experience with babies... which means, he now has a lot of experience, too.

But that's only one baby, right?

Our daughter, Tisha is due in late June!  How about that?  Two in the same month.  Several of my blogs feature our granddaughter Victoria.  She even graces the blog page picture with me.  Victoria turns four next month, and in June will become an older sister.  I can't believe it! She says the baby can't be a girl, though.  Hmm, we'll see how that goes.

So, this summer, if you see Bruce and me walking around with goofy grins, you can decide whether to ask a grandparents' favorite question:  "Do you have pictures?"

And, so you snow bunnies don't feel slighted, yes, we had a snow storm this week.  "Huge" in South Carolina terms since it was truly snow and not sleet and we got 7 1/2" here in Greer.  People say we don't get this kind of snow around here, and that's true ... now.  Am I the only one who remembers the huge snows we had in the early 1970's?  Schools closed for a week and the snow (and eventually ice) stayed on the ground and roads for days.  Fun times!

I close with a photo taken from our front porch yesterday.  Stay warm everyone!


Valerie Norris said…
New babies--especially grandbabies--are God's blessings! So excited for you to be able to hold new babies in your arms again. And a little jealous. Ours are 5-8 years old: adorable, but no longer babies. Congratulations, Barbara and Bruce!
Henry said…
In a turn-about from the norm, we got just enough sleet to close the schools and for my manager to give us permission to work from home today. No snow and there is so little sleet that even a high of 34 should be enough to clear it out.
Ellen said…
Congratulations and I hope all goes well for both Moms!
Unknown said…
Congratulations!!!! How exciting for you two.
Susan M. Boyer said…
Congratulations! Wow--Babby's going to be busy with all those babies at one time. :)

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