Fighting the Battle

When warriors gather the enemy becomes anxious and plots a counter-strike.  The strategy might be to beat them to the punch, infiltrate the troops, or even attack while they sleep.  I experienced this first-hand at the Christian Communicators Conference this past weekend, a gathering designed to equip women to provide encouragement to others through the gifts of speaking and writing.

On the second night, our facilitators, Vonda Skelton and Carolyn Knefely , danced off to bed in excited triumph.  The day's sessions proved that the women assembled in this lovely lakeside home held the power of the Spirit in their hearts and could truly minister to other women.

Then the enemy struck.

He chose to sneak into our camp at night and destroy with doubt and fear.

I struggled with my own shortcomings, uncomfortable with my abilities when measured against the phenomenal women gathered in this house.  In no way did I believe I could stand up and share my love of the Lord with the same knowledge and passion that they demonstrated.

But wait, I wasn't alone.

The next morning, Vonda called us together to begin the next session, and the truth began to flow.  One after another, we heard of the late night battles fought by these holy warriors and the brink of defeat that Satan drew each of us toward.  Story after story tumbled from our mouths.

"I can't do this."

"Who am I to think that I can lead others in their love of the Lord?"

"My life doesn't reflect Him well enough to stand before others and proclaim Him."

The Spirit moved in that beautiful sun-drenched living room that morning and we shared, confessed, laughed, and cried.   The truth is that Satan saw the strength behind our testimonies and conviction and fought back in the way he does best, with stealth attacking each of us one at a time.

The victory is not Satan's though.  The Holy Spirit prompted us to speak of our fears the next morning.  Imagine our amazement when the truth revealed itself in our simple sharing.  We are the army of the Lord, and when we put on the holy armor of God, we can do anything!

To God be the glory, great things he has done!


Valerie said…
So good that God gave you that third day (get the significance?) to still be there at the conference so you all could confess your fears and defeat them! God FTW (For The Win)!
Valerie, Thank you for pointing out the 3 days. I completely missed the significance of when it happened!
Your writing talent captured the truth of the battle field that night, Barbara. Like life everything is seen differently from each point of view. Yet it is with openness, truth and willingness to share that light exposes the dark places and victory is and was won.

Being on the battle field with you and the rest of the CCC unit was an encouraging time. The yarn of the Spirit held us together. As we shared how we were being attacked, we reached down and pulled one another up. Our unit became strong because we left no one behind or down.

Write on! Serve on!
Vonda and I will continue to stand by your side.
Susan M. Boyer said…
Sounds like a truly awesome retreat. :)
Vonda Skelton said…
Wow, Barbara, you are an incredible writer! You have the gift!

What a joy to have you with us at the first Christian Communicators Conference. You are such a delight--so ready to see the need and fill it. I'm thrilled to call you my friend. :-)

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