Images from yesterday roll through my mind on a continuous loop.  I can't press the Escape key and stop them.  All I can do is recall past memories, the ones beyond yesterday, to soften the difficult images in my mind and remind me of the truth and blessings of knowing such a special person.

A life well-lived, is a gift to us all.

What is your legacy?  Whose lives have you made better?

Can you answer these questions?

I witnessed one special woman's answer to these in vivid detail yesterday.  In just a few short years, her grace and compassion touched people from many different walks of life.  She extended so much to everyone she knew when, she herself, had very little in worldly gains.  She gave riches beyond compare, and no one will ever say she wasted her days.

So, I ask you again:

What is your legacy?

Whose lives have you made better?

If you don't know the answers, then I hope you will begin a journey to discover them.


Valerie said…
Somber thoughts. John and I were just talking about such things the other night, after hearing someone on TV give a glowing tribute to a recently-deceased man. We wondered what would be said about us; were we making a positive impact on others?

So sorry for your losses.
Phil Arnold said…
Legacy -- Write a blog read by over a thousand people a day.

Whose lives made better -- Over seven thousand Elvis fans. Does that count?

Vonda Skelton said…
Thanks for the reminder, Barbara. The older I get, the more I contemplate those questions...
Phil, it's up to you to decide. I only put forth the question.
Anonymous said…
I must leave it to those whose lives I have touched to decide my legacy. Wayne G.
It's always good to live with the end in mind: what do I want my family and friends to say at my funeral? Good things, I hope.

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