An Apprentice, Survivor, and American Idol Walk Into a Bar

Nope. I don't have a punch line to my title, but it felt appropriate since so many reality shows are in full swing this month.  You may or may not watch them, but I find certain ones enthralling.  Keep in mind, I'm a professional trainer, so human dynamics and team work are my bread and butter.  And, as a writer, I study how people interact and think.  It fascinates me!

First of all, there's Survivor.  I don't think I've ever missed more than two episodes since the show first aired twenty-two seasons ago.  I'm so glad I didn't miss the defeat of Russell, the ultimate bad guy, last night!

Then there is The Apprentice.  I prefer the show without the celebrity cast, but it still fascinates me.  Professionalism and business savvy require certain skills, and I often wonder how the candidates manage to get selected.  Granted, we only see what the TV editors think will make for a good show.  What hits the cutting room floor in any of these shows probably sheds truer light on the situations.  Still, as a trainer, I get so many good ideas from this show, and I use them in my training classes.  Even with the celebrity casts, I find nuggets to use.  I haven't decided yet whether I'm glad Richard Hatch, the first ever winner of Survivor, is on this season, but it does make for interesting TV.  I hated him in Survivor, and I'm pretty sure I won't like him on The Apprentice, either.

What else rounds out my reality likes?  The Amazing Race and American Idol.  I don't get into Dancing With the Stars or any of the other dance-related shows.  I can't take the judge who adds her shrill squeals to her evaluations of the dancers.  For a true confession, I did get sucked into The Bachelor this season.  I don't typically watch it, but the publicity prior to this season intrigued me.  Bring back a bachelor who didn't pick anyone last time?  Hmm, interesting.  To be honest, I've found Brad Womack a bit annoying this season, but thanks to Michelle, the show entertained me.  Seriously ladies, this is NOT the way to meet your future spouse!

OK, so an Apprentice, a Survivor, and an American Idol walk into a bar?  What's the punch line?  Anybody?


Anonymous said…
O.K. here goes.

An Apprentice, a Survivor, and an American Idol walk into a bar.
The Apprentice looks around and says, "Look at all these people. They are just wasting time relaxing, laughing and having a good time. No money to be made that way. Its bad management. Give me a week and I'll turn this place around."

The Survivor looked around and said, "Yeah, there's no competive spirit here. Give me a week and I'll turn things around.

The American Idol sighed and sang "Memories light the corners of my mind." Wayne G.
Valerie Norris said…
No punchline here. I don't watch any of those shows. Never have. I do watch Supernanny, which is a reality show of a different nature. No panel of judges, just Nanny Jo, facing down out-of-control children and idiot parents who haven't any idea of how to discipline a child.

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