Celebrating Milestones

This week, I celebrate two milestones.  They're listed below, but not in order of importance!

I started An Eclectic Muse blog on March 30, 2010.  Today I'm writing my forty-seventh post, and I'm twenty-five page views from hitting the 3000 pageviews mark.  Not too shabby for the first year of my blog.

People in Suriname, Russia, and China have read my blog.  Not to mention the UK, Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Germany!  Kind of humbling, if you ask me.

Some of the search phrases that led people to me are fascinating.  For example, six people found me with the search phrase, "I hate Bob Evers."  I have no idea who Bob Evers is, but I don't hate him since his infamy(?) led them to this blog.  Four people searched "Scrooge Diary Phil Arnold" to find me.  I know Phil (he writes Elvis Blog ), and it's exciting to get traffic through my friendship with him.

I don't know whether any of this data fascinates you or not, but it intrigues me.  I'd love to see my page views hit 3000 this week.  So, if you have a moment, help me out and share my blog!  Either this post or one of your favorites.

As for the other, more important milestone, Bruce and I had something to celebrate this past weekend: 

Seventeen glorious years of marriage. 

It's gone by fast, and each day brings new joys.  We started with five children between us, and told everyone who suggested we needed a sixth child to bite their tongue.  We had our hands full with the five of them!

Now, we have a beautiful granddaughter and two more grandchildren on the way.  Grandchildren are way better than having more kids of your own!

We've been blessed in many ways.

Not that it's always been easy.  You can't imagine what Bruce has had to put up with to last this long!  I came out with the better deal here, but he doesn't complain.  That's one of the many reasons why I love him!


Congratulations--on both milestones! Looking forward to most posts, and more wedding anniversaries.
Chris Evers said…
I guess myself and the others can attribute to the loss of dads hair from that picture until now :-) j/k...congratulations on everything!
Vonda Skelton said…
Congratulations on both milestones! God is so good in so many ways! And yes, having almost 3000 views in a year means you're off to a GREAT start! I just feel bad for poor Bob Evers...whoever he is! :-)
Chris, Nope, you can't back out of the hair loss picture completely. There are 5 of you afterall.

Vonda, I'm going to have to google Bob Evers and try to find out who he is. Maybe send him a thank you if I locate him.
Wow! Only 6 more posts to go and I'll be at 3000.
Suzanne Generous Prentice said…
your blog baby and my baby baby were born on the same day.
Suzanne! I knew that day was a great day. I can't believe it's already been a year. So very cool!
My friends and readers, you are awesome. We're at 3005 page views now. Suzanne, I'm going to claim you were # 3000!
Henry (her brother) said…
"You can't imagine what Bruce has had to put up with to last this long!"

I don't have to imagine since I lived with you for the first 17 years of your life. It's amazing I'm as sane as I am (and I ain't that sane)!
No Henry, in your case, it's Audrey that's the saint. It's amazing I survived those first 17 years with you as an older brother.
Good looking couple. Congratulations on both mile-stones. Write on.
You go, girl! Love your posts...you inspire me to write more! Miss you! How was this weekend? Weren't you at Vonda's taping?
Carolyn, thanks for the compliment...17 years later and he's still gorgeous, anyway.

Jennifer, thanks. Keep writing. I miss our CCC group so much. I saw Vonda a couple of weeks agos and we had a great time. I missed everyone, though, and wished we all could have been there.

As of now, 9:11 pm, my blog has reached 3034 total page views. We seriously surpassed my expectations, this time. Thanks eveyone.
Phil Arnold said…
Hey Barbara:

I goy my first link into ElvisBlog from your blog. Three more to go and we will be even. Now, I'm going to Google "Scrooge Diary Phil Arnold" and see what comes up.

Heidi said…
Maybe it was Bob Evans (the restaurant and they got the spelling wrong...???)

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