Spring Has Sprung

Spring has sprung, at least where I live, although, it likes to play tricks on us, like this past Sunday when it turned cold for the day.

I love this time of year, although I must admit that autumn still holds first place in my heart.  But spring, yes, spring holds a close second place--so close that if it was a race, you would need a photo finish to see the winner.

Every year when the weather turns warmer and the air feels cleaner, even lighter, I find myself repeating the following lines in a silly, sing-song voice:

Spring has sprung, the grass is green,
I wonder where the birdie is.

The only problem?  I can't recall the rest of the poem.  So, I googled it.  Wonder of all wonders, I don't even have the first line correct!  The only website I found with a semblance of this poem stated the first lines as:

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris',
I wonder where the birdie is?

It goes on to complain about a bird flying overhead, leaving white droppings in the poet's eye.  It finishes with gratitude that cows can't fly.  I swear that's not the poem I recall.  Am I wrong?  Have I repeated the wrong lines for, well...forever?  As far back as I can remember (and that's longer than I care to admit), I've recited the lines the other way.

Do you recall my version of this poem?  One where the grass is green rather than ris'?  Please, someone out there tell me that my memory hasn't  completely failed me.

NOTE:  I didn't find any reference to the poet's name, so if you know it, please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.


Valerie Norris said…
"The grass has ris" is what I remember. Whoever used to say it said, "I wonder where the birdies is?" (Plural birdies.) I think I'm remembering it in Bullwinkle's voice. Could that be right?
Hmm, Bullwinkle? I can hear him saying the lines, and it's definitely that type of humor. Maybe.
Silly me! I googled through the whole first line and found several references to the variation I recall. It goes like this:

"Spring has sprung, the grass is green, the bird is on the wing. My, oh, my, how absurd, I thought the wing was on the bird!"

I still think I knew a different one, but I've discovered there are quite a few versions. Any more out there?
blogbranch said…
I remember a song i learned to play on the piano... I played it a week ago and started singing the lines... spring has sprung the grass is greeen all of the birds and the beasties sing.... something something something something... ends with "tells us that it is spring sweet spring?" I can't find it anywhere though. dangit!
Thanks for your version, it looks like this may be one of those songs that everyone changed over time. I love seeing other versions.

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