When Easy Cheese Isn't Easy

Last night I ordered take out pizza.  I don't do this often because I'm allergic to cheese, but white cheese is not as bad for me as yellow cheese, so I splurge every now and then.

I placed the order:  two toppings with easy cheese.  I thought about asking for easy cheese on only half, but the girl on the phone didn't sound too swift, so I didn't try to confuse her more than necessary.  When I called my husband to tell him the price and how long it would take, I felt guilty about making him eat pizza with easy cheese.  Afterall, he loves cheese. Why should he suffer because of my crazy digestive issues?  He said not to bother, but I called the pizza place again.

After I identified myself to the girl I had spoken to only two minutes earlier, the conversation went like this:

Me:  "I'd like to change my order to easy cheese on half, regular cheese on the other half."
Girl:  "Wait.  Is this the Texas pizza?  With onions?"
Me:  "No.  Two topping, with--"
Girl:  "With beef and tomatoes."
Me:  "Yes."
Girl:  "And you want regular cheese?"
Me:  "Only on half.  I still want easy cheese on the other half."
Girl:  (long pause)  "Ok.  So which half?"

Yep.  I felt real solid about that pizza coming out right.  I texted Bruce to tell him what happened.  His response?  "You should have told her the top half."

Sadly, I think she wouldn't have gotten that either.  Poor thing.

Of course, when we got the pizza, I didn't see any evidence of easy cheese  at all.  Oh well.


Chris Evers said…
Love it! And the pizza sounded good too!
Would've been better with a little less cheese.
Bob Strother said…
Makes me want a thin 'n' crispy.
Valerie, I thought about putting that line in when I wrote this, but I wanted to leave you something to say. I knew you'd think of it.

Bob, you can tell the local pizza place to thank me for your next pizza order.

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